Dolphins say they aren’t tipping off defenses

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The Dolphins offense didn’t have much luck against the Buccaneers on Monday night, but they insist that their troubles weren’t caused by the Buccaneers figuring out what plays were coming ahead of time.

During the broadcast of the game, ESPN analyst Jon Gruden said he thought right guard John Jerry was tipping off passing plays by looking at quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports that there’s also been some talk that Tannehill’s cadence reveals whether it’s a run or a pass, but Tannehill said he wasn’t worried about tipping anyone off about what was coming.

“I don’t think there’s concern,” Tannehill said. “We go against our defense every day throughout camp and OTAs. If we were tipping off something that was so blatantly obvious, they would tell us, and they would be able to defend it.”

It’s hard to imagine any tell in the Dolphins offense would have remained a secret until this point in the season, which suggests that the offensive issues go beyond cadences or head movements from guards.

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  1. They don’t need to tip of defenses, because the offensive line is so bad, that it’s a disaster anyway.
    This team is a mess, and the fans should get a refund for rubbish!!

  2. They’re not tipping plays, but they ARE tipping off the snap with Pouncey’s motions just before he snaps. Gives the tackle in front of him a jump on the snap. They need to figure something out so that he isn’t having to turn around just before the snap, because that’s what their issue was Monday.

  3. They can give the chargers all the tips they want. Let’s face it, the chargers suck. You could tell em what your next will be straight up and they still won’t stop it

  4. Ryan says “go go” when they’re running the ball and “go” when throwing.

    It’s sad that if people on tv can clearly hear him say it – their opponents can hear it.

    This is of course Mike Sherman’s fault and I’ll be happy when he’s gone at the end of the year.

  5. Remember in 2006 when the Dolphins illegally purchased audio of Brady’s cadences and audibles from a 3rd party and claimed they “knew everything that was coming” in a 21-0 victory? Ahh, the good old “Pre-ESPN/Goddell/Spygate” days when you could cheat and get away with it….

  6. Dolphins say they aren’t tipping off defenses
    EVERY Dolphins fan would likely beg to differ. The cadence is a huge tip-off. If Tannehill says “Go” it is a pass EVERY time. If he says “Go-Go” it is a run EVERY time. Teams study their opponents tendencies and the defenses are no doubt aware of what the usual plays are based off the personnel grouping and formation. When they can eliminate half of them as soon as the ball is snapped, defense becomes much easier. When they hear a double “go”, safeties and LBs can crash the line and the DL can key on the RBs while the CBs release their receivers and force every wide run out of bounds two yards behind the line. When they hear a single “go” the play-action is ignored, the coverage tightens, the DT(s) push straight back into the pocket and the DEs abandon any containment and make a bee-line for Tannehill. In the early part of the game there is a definite cognitive pause while they process the cadence but by the second half they are sufficiently conditioned to where it is a reflex rather than a thoughtful reaction.

  7. Tipping off or not, I was calling Sherman’s plays correctly the other night. If I can do it, even the lowly Bucs can.

    And they did.

  8. Well, why does every Dolphin fan know when a run and when a pass is coming if they listen to Tannehill? I’m not even a Dolphin fan, and I’ve casually heard of this being the case.

  9. Honestly, I thought I had a pretty good handle on run/pass selection by watching Tannehill also, but it wasn’t based on cadence. When they were running the ball, it seemed like he was just coming to the line, making a single call and snapping the ball. On passing plays, he was scanning certain parts of the field more, probably trying to see the coverage, but didn’t feel the need for a charade when the call was a run.

  10. Good thing the Dolphins won the off season and spent over 100M on free agency. Looks like it paid off !!


    Clubs that build their teams around mercenaries always make the mistake & step over the fact that its chemistry, team cohesiveness & leadership that makes for a consistently winning & championship organization. None of which the Dolphins possesses…

  11. It’s not all Tannehill’s fault, but only because you can tell which play is coming even before he barks at the line. Sherman’s play calling has been so predictable that you really don’t need the cadence to tell what’s coming next. I don’t think the offensive gameplan has changed in principle since Week 1.

  12. They are playing a game of deception. They are setting teams up for the remaining games and will reverse all there little GO GO`s and head turning things wait and see. Any game now they will morph into an offensive power house and nobody will stop them. Sorry to blow their cunning plan.

  13. Question= Is there ever a scenario in the real world where someone on the Dolphins would say: Yeah we’ve been tipping off defenses and they’ve been defeating us because of this.

  14. dallascowboysdishingthereal says:
    Nov 14, 2013 2:58 PM
    I’m surprised the Bucs could stop a team even if the offense came up to the line and told them what play they are running.

    How novel coming from a Cowboys fan, you might want to look in the mirror at you D or lack thereof.

  15. It’s not the cadence or the snap count or the go or go go, the problem is that they are texting the plays to Tannehill and the other team is grabbing their texts.

  16. Tanny isn’t the franchise QB the Phins have been looking for,

    the O line is going on it’s 3rd season in a row ranking 30th or worse,

    and Ireland has been making expensive and poor acquisitions for his entire career there….

    there’s no tipping needed….

  17. The fat lady should be singing turn out the lights the party is over for a bunch of management and coaches, so what can save them, you guess it. The clueless owner. Bill

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