Another week, another fine for Bernard Pollard


It’s Friday, which means the NFL is confirming the fines for the week and that it is time for a look at the big board to see how much Titans safety Bernard Pollard has been fined this season.

The total is up to $67,750 after Pollard was hit with a $15,750 fine for a hit in last week’s loss to the Jaguars. PFT has confirmed with the league that Pollard drew the fine for hitting Jaguars quarterback Chad Henne late.

Pollard didn’t need any more fuel for the fire he’s got burning against the league’s rules governing hits on offensive players, but he’s done a pretty good job of finding it all the same.

Pollard hit Henne after Henne had gone down at the end of a short scramble and was flagged during the game for the infraction. The penalty didn’t wind up hurting the Titans because the Jaguars committed an offsetting penalty on the play. Of course, the final score and the status as first victims of the Jaguars in 2013 made the day painful enough.

14 responses to “Another week, another fine for Bernard Pollard

  1. gator, lots of players on that team have plenty of passion. It’s just that Pollard doesn’t have the “Grey Matter” it takes not to get fined.

  2. Some body need to go and simply cut him irrespective of what the play is and show him what he is trying to do to others. I try to give him benefit of doubt for first few fines, but this trend keeps continuing. It will stop only if he becomes the victim.

  3. Why the hell would Pollard care about getting fined?? A $10,000 fine for him is the equivalent of a $2 charge for keeping a movie an extra day. For him $2 is a no brainer if it means he can go out and play football without having the stress of “am I doing a legal hit right now.”

  4. Dirtiest player in the league keeps rolling up the fines. Isn’t it about time to suspend this turd ?

  5. harrisonhits2 says:
    Nov 15, 2013 7:58 PM
    Dirtiest player in the league keeps rolling up the fines. Isn’t it about time to suspend this turd ?


    I sure hope ur a marvin harrison fan and not and Rodney or james harrison fan cause if u r and r making this statement thats the pot calling the kettle black.

  6. Thank the sweet baby jesus the titans and him aren’t playing the pats this year. They have enough injury problems as is and everyone knows what he can do (see Brady ’08, Welker ’09, Gronk ’11 and Ridley ’12)!

  7. and yet players at the same position like eric berry enter their 4th season without a single late hit fine in their career

    this guy should be suspended, money doesn’t seem to speak his language, not playing will

  8. He would be the perfect player to suspend for a year as an example to all the other consistent offenders like him.

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