Hartley repays Saints for their show of faith in him


The Saints have trusted Garrett Hartley, but they let him know last week it wasn’t unconditional.

But he paid back their faith Sunday, hitting the game-tying and game-winning field goals in the final minutes to lead the Saints to a win over the 49ers.

Not bad for a guy who was almost replaced, after the Saints brought in kickers for tryouts last week.

“I would definitely say [this past week] tested me,” Hartley said, via Mike Triplett of ESPN.com. “And it was time to show everyone, I guess, how thick my skin is.”

Pretty thick, apparently.

Hartley had missed four of his previous six field goals, but hit the late kicks when they counted the most. He’s been through similar slumps, but rebounded in 2009 during their Super Bowl, including the game-winning kick in the NFC Championship Game.

Because of that, he earned his trust.

“I told him that we believe in you and that you are our guy. We all did,” Saints quarterback Drew Brees said. “Garrett has had his ups and downs throughout his career, but he has made a lot of big kicks for us. I think that is just the life of a kicker.”

So now he’s safe, at least until the next slump causes them to question him again.

14 responses to “Hartley repays Saints for their show of faith in him

  1. 49ers screwed twice now in the Superdome.
    Brees hit was COMPLETELY legal hit in the CHEST. It does not matter that he fell back and
    touched his neck.

    I thought the non-calls of defensive holding
    in the Superbowl were bad………

  2. Saints had nearly twice the first downs and about 200 more yards of offense. Saints also had two more turnovers. When you win the turnover battle a good team will win. SF had a 2 turnover advantage that cost Saints a TD and gave SF a TD. This game wasn’t as close as the score makes you think. And whiners want to blame the loss on a correctly called penalty?

  3. I hear the Santa Clara 49ers are adding to their new stadium a very large wing called the Whiners Hall of Excuses. I hope it’s big enough. WHO DAT? WE DAT!!!!

  4. 49er’s D needs to take into account that Brees is short. If he were an average size QB, the hit would have been clean. From where the ref was standing (behind Brees) he had no choice but to call that penalty. This is today’s nfl, and the QB is king.

  5. Man I had no idea that the 49ers were such crybabies!

    We’re going to need a fleet of WAAAHHHHmbulances and truckloads of tiny violins for them to get over this one!

  6. flexx91 says:
    Nov 18, 2013 11:38 AM
    Gave them 17 points off three turnovers, two of which were unforced and they’re blaming the loss solely on the refs.
    Couldn’t have said it better myself!!

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