PFT on NBCSN: Coaching hot seat, Power rankings


People are disagreeing about the officials’ decision on the final play of the Panthers’ 24-20 win over the Patriots that ended Week 11 and we’ll be talking about it on Tuesday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN.

That’s not all we’re going to be talking about, however. We’ll also take a look at where the Panthers rate on the power rankings after extending their win streak to six games with a strong performance on both sides of the ball.

Tuesday is also the day for a look at how the week’s results affected vulnerable coaches around the league. The Texans’ loss and quarterback shuffling will keep Gary Kubiak on that list and we’ll see how things are looking for Greg Schiano after his second straight victory.

It all gets started at 5:30 p.m. ET on NBCSN.

15 responses to “PFT on NBCSN: Coaching hot seat, Power rankings

  1. Mike McCarthy will definitely be on the hot seat

    This organization is completely terrible and no talent whatsoever and Aaron Rodgers covers it up with his QB play

  2. They won’t get rid of McCarthy. I thought his play calling has been so predictable lately however. Run on first and second Down.Throw on third down.

  3. As much as I like Gary Kubiak, “Coach” Kubiak makes me crazy. He’s lost control of his team and is scrambling just to win a game. Sad days here in Houston. Worse yet, we could end up with Johnny Football…that woudl really suck!

  4. If Lions’ Schwartz loses to the Bucs’ Schiano at home, he will have established a new record for shortest time going from Playoff Front Runner to Coach’s Hot Seat in modern history.

  5. Jason Garrett! The only reason America’s team hasn’t hit rock bottom is because of the NFL’s greatest owner Jerry Jones. Garrett isn’t even in control. Jerry no longer trusts him. He already gave him the kiss of death. Just wait till the off season after our Superbowl victory. #dallascowboys

  6. After all the investigations in Miami are through, Joe Philbin could be on the list. Any head coach that can’t manage what happens in the locker room should be held accountable. I believe Mike Muncheck in Tennessee could be out of there. Shiano should be fired. Jerry Jones says Jason Garrett’s safe. I don’t trust Jerry Jones. The Panthers may have saved Rivera’s job. Shanahan? Kubiak? Dennis Allen in Oakland? We’ll find out on black monday, who’s desk is packed.

  7. Kubiack isn’t on the hot seat. He could coach for another 6 years and suck each year and our owner wouldn’t fire his buddy. No accountability in Houston and none needed.

  8. jerrysglasses: “Garrett isn’t even in control.”

    If Garrett isn’t in control then whoever IS in control should be fired. Jerry needs to fire himself.

  9. Nowadays coaching in the NFL is a big contract and cashing in for a good soldier who has carried the pressure as a coordinator for so many years. College coaches rarely make the jump unless they feel they have something to prove, most big conferences pay as much as pro level head coaches but you have to recruit. In the pros at least you can blame the draft on the GM in most cases. Media pressure can be as bad or worse than alumni groups, so thats a wash. Money doesn’t buy championships and it never has in football, the players have to buy in to the playbook, but 45 players can have 45 different agendas.

  10. Unless Mike Munchak gets to a .500 record, he’s toast.

    Bud Adams is gone and the Titans are being horribly coached right now.

    It’s feasible that Munch, Locker, CJ, and Britt will all be gone at seasons end.

  11. Schwartz continues to make rookie coaching mistakes after 4 seasons as ‘the guy’… He speaks down to the media, continues to tell everyone that he couldn’t care less what anyone else thinks, but yet feels obligated to justify every stupid decision he makes… Bring in Billick! Let’s get this firing over with.

  12. The Packers lose 3 games sporting a journeymen 3rd stringer and a guy who has never started, coupled with multiple other injuries including their top playmaker, and all of a sudden everyone says how they are a garbage team.

    Rodgers clearly carries a lot of weight, but if this team had a legit backup the haters would be singing a different tune. The real piece the packers are missing is a tough d. McCarthys job is and should be safe.

    Not a pack fan, just a hater of haters who jump to rash conclusions off of little evidence.

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