Gerald McCoy calls Marcus Cannon “dirty,” but apologizes later

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Gerald McCoy was no more pleased when he saw Patriots tackle Marcus Cannon make a dirty play Monday night than when he was a victim of one.

But after seeing Cannon apologize to Panthers defnesive end Charles Johnson for Monday’s leg-whip, the Buccaneers defensive tackle started feeling the forgiveness vibe, too.

After intially sending out a tweet calling Cannon a “dirty” player, he followed the next morning by apologizing and taking the high road.

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McCoy appeared on SiriusXM NFL radio’s Late Hits with Bill Polian and FOX Sports’ Alex Marvez last night, and said he shouldn’t have called out Cannon, but does have strong feelings about such plays.

McCoy said Cannon cut blocked him last preseason, and seeing Johnson go down brought back the painful memories.

“And then I saw more behavior of the sort. When I saw it [Monday] night, I was like ‘Really, again?’” McCoy said. “I reacted in the wrong way. Once I realized, ‘G, you can’t be like that, people make mistakes, and you just got to forgive people for those mistakes.’ So I went on and apologized for it.”

That said, McCoy said he thought leg-whips were becoming “more and more” common.

“I think the league should take a look at it,” he said. “It needs to be frowned upon more. They put so much emphasis on us, protecting the offense. But the defensive player’s got to be protected too.”

While McCoy might be feeling contrite about his reaction, a pattern of plays that are beyond the norm will make the next guy wonder about whether Cannon’s apology is sincere.

6 responses to “Gerald McCoy calls Marcus Cannon “dirty,” but apologizes later

  1. GMC is correct, the game has been insanely and unfairly slanted towards offense. Cut blocks are incredibly dangerous and can end guys careers easier than a headshot.

  2. I believe a malicious intended play like that, like Suh has once a year should in turn suspend that player for as long as the hurt player is out. Without Johnson, its easier to know who to double team (Hardy) on the panthers D-line.

  3. I’m amused that after being the worst team in the league for 2 months, the Bucs win 2 in a row and their players start yapping.

  4. .

    So Gerald McCoy, your team is 2-8, your coach has billboards up in Tampa calling for his dismissal, and your starting safety is currently on NFL suspension for being a chronic violator of the league’s unsportsmanlike conduct policy:

    But you have time to waste providing analysis of AFC players?

    If you want to be an ESPN analyst, quit and become one.


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