Matt McGloin will start for the Raiders

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Matt McGloin’s first start was nice enough that the Raiders would like to see him twice.

Coach Dennis Allen said Wednesday that McGloin will start against the Titans on Sunday. Allen said earlier this week that McGloin’s good play against the Texans earned him a spot in the conversation for starting quarterback and Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle reports that Allen said Wednesday that McGloin “earned” a second opportunity.

Allen left the door open for McGloin to remain in the lineup, saying that football is a “production business.” McGloin produced 197 yards, three touchdowns and a victory in Week 11 and you have to imagine that a repeat would keep him in the lineup even if Terrelle Pryor’s knee is fully recovered.

Pryor’s status will be monitored for the rest of the week and Allen said he could dress as McGloin’s backup on Sunday if he’s feeling well enough to play. If not, Tyler Wilson will again serve as the next man up.

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  1. this kid can play,he’s get guts and he is much better at reading a defense and reacting.Now the Raider OL needs to protect him.

  2. No knock on Pryor, but the Raiders have to take another look at this kid McGloin and give him another game to start after what he did in Houston.

    Another thing notably different was McGloin standing in the pocket delivering quick accurate passes. Woodson is correct too, the guys need to help him out and make more catches. And what about that pass and catch by Andre Holmes!

  3. I’ll say one play that stood out to me. His 26 yard TD pass to Rivera. It was a thing of beauty. It was an off balance, poor mechanic throw, that accurately lasered over the defender right to Rivera. It like a really sloppy Aaron Rodger’s hop pass.

    When he’s throwing the ball that well, with sloppy mechanics and jittery footwork. There is something there, you don’t need perfect mechanics. If you could make those throws with that kind of footwork, you have something to work with and something to mold.

  4. As a Penn State fan, I couldn’t be happier for McGloin. He will always have a place in the heart of Nittany Lion fans because of how he stood up for the university when it was being ripped from pillar to post. I’m pretty sure Al Davis would have loved McGloin – – not because he had the off-the-chart measurables that Al loved, but because he has an attitude and won’t take crap from anybody. His personality screams Raider, and I mean that in the best sense for both player and team.

  5. Only way to know if it’s not the right move is to give it a chance. Having McGloin play out 6 games and seeing how he does is actually a pretty reasonable way to tell if going into next year the guy for them is him, Pryor or a draft pick. Analyze what you had from both your guys this year and make a decision.

    I wish nothing but the best for both of these guys, time will tell.

  6. I’m a Penn State fan and Matt McGloin still plays with the same tenacity, football intel and passing accuracy that he had in college. When Jared Veldheer returns to LT he will be set up to BLOOM!

    Terrell Tebow Pryor should be a WR.

  7. After seeing Colin Kaepernick and RGIII struggle with the read option this year, I wonder if the D-coordinators have caught up to it. Pryor is a unique running talent at QB if there ever was one, but even he admits that he is just learning to be a pocket passer. True pocket QB’s win Super bowls. Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Tom Brady…. They all are very accurate passers from the pocket, Pryor is not, in fact he is just terrible at times. As for McGloin, he throws the ball on a rope, and with great accuracy and has a fast release.

    I think the coaching staff made the right call on this one. I think they use Pryor like they envisioned at the beginning of the year as a change of pace QB to keep teams off balance.

    If the O-line plays as good as it did last week, McGloin will have another great game.

  8. Holy smokes, McGloin has started and won exactly one NFL game, which just happened to be over a fellow rookie undrafted free agent QB. Let’s not get too excited yet.
    It just so happens the Raiders are getting their prospective starting offensive line healthy for the first time this season. I wonder how much that’s going to contribute to McGloin’s success.

  9. I have to admit it, if McGloin is for real, the rest of us fans will have to start taking the Raiders seriously.

  10. Matt McGloin will throw a Touchdown Pass to Terrell Pryor and the Raiders will be BORN AGAIN!!! Then maybe next year the Raiders will be on Monday Night Football again??!!!????

  11. Texans are 2-8 for a reason. McGloin looked good against them but definitely needs a longer harder look and this year, right now, is the time to do it. When we have the QB situation figured and +-$60m in cap space next year, we have to see what we have in these 2 guys.

  12. I bet the Raider recievers are happy. With Pryor they pretty much blockers for a QB unable to do anything but run. Making Pryor the starter was stupid. His style of play rarely develops and never lasts very long. Either they get hurt , or the league figures them out and shuts it down. There is a reason the superbowl winning QBs THROW and don’t run.

  13. The Greatest QB of all time was an undrafted FA . Johnny Unitas . This kid McGloin is a gutsy Irishman . Let him play and see what he can do even against Denver and KC . Once he gets a top notch O- line and a running game with a lethal TE he will blossom into a very good QB with awareness and poise . He has the brains and good enough arm with a quick enough release to make the Raiders a winning team with talent around him. Pryor should not play again until his knee is completely healed and he should be switched to WR and the Raiders should hire Jerry Rice to become the Raiders WR coach and he could turn Pryor into the next Randy Moss.

  14. mactruck27 says:
    Nov 20, 2013 4:54 PM
    Terrelle Pryor’s game has heart, but Football in McGloin has Football in McGloin!


    This is the best comment I’ve ever seen on this site. God I miss the times when the Simpsons were still funny.

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