Zack Bowman fined $15,750 for horse-collar tackle


Bears cornerback Zack Bowman committed a plethora of penalties during last Sunday’s weather-interuppted overtime win against the Ravens, but only one of them caught the attention of the league.

Bowman has been fined $15,750 for a horse-collar tackle on Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith in the fourth quarter of the game. The penalty came on third down after Smith was stopped short of a first, allowing the drive to continue. It would end with a Justin Tucker field goal that sent the game to overtime.

Bowman was flagged twice for pass interference, only one was accepted as the other didn’t stop the Ravens from completing a touchdown pass, and twice for penalties on punt returns during a busy game. He also had nine tackles and broke up a pass, which is why coach Marc Trestman found some good things to say about the flag magnet.

“Well, he wasn’t alone,” Trestman said, via “We’re not going to be player-specific here. We had 11 penalties … I think he played well under the circumstances and I think he’ll continue to play better. He’s a solid guy. He knows what to do and he’s got to continue to progress and I know he will. He’s all-in and I wish you could see him work each and every day to try to improve at his skill level.”

Bowman will remain in the starting lineup with Charles Tillman out for at least the rest of the regular season.