Brandon Browner denies report he faces another PED suspension


Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner is denying an NFL Network report that he is facing an eight-game suspension for violating the NFL’s policy on performance-enhancing drugs.

Michael Silver of NFL Network reported on Monday afternoon that Browner faces a PED-related suspension. That would be his second such suspension, after he sat out the final four games of the 2012 regular season for a PED violation. A second suspension under NFL rules would be for eight games.

But Browner denied Silver’s report. Shortly after the report surfaced, Browner took to Twitter and wrote, “I’m not facing suspension for PEDs, it’s sad that the NFL is reporting this.”

There was no word in Silver’s report about the specific nature of Browner’s PED violation, or the status of any appeal. Browner is currently nursing a groin injury and was expected to miss at least the next couple of weeks anyway.

Suspensions have been a significant problem in Seattle, and Browner isn’t the only Seahawks cornerback currently dealing with a report of a looming suspension: Walter Thurmond is expected to miss four games while serving a suspension for a violation of the NFL’s substance-abuse policy.

UPDATE 7:53 p.m. ET: Browner is reportedly facing a one-year suspension for violating the NFL’s substance-abuse policy, not the performance-enhancing drug policy.

91 responses to “Brandon Browner denies report he faces another PED suspension

  1. @JasonLaCanfora: Spoke to a source with knowledge of Brandon Browner’s status who said he did not have another positive test for PEDs …

  2. Being a Seahawks fan I wish these things would go away, only because of the lame used jokes. But at the same time if the story proves true, I can’t really complain about them, have at it

  3. Where there is smoke, there is fire. Busted again. Pete Carrol runs a very loose ship indeed. Watch the behavior and trash on the field, a direct reflection of leadership.

  4. Oh yay, the unoriginal comments about them “cheating” and being on “Adderall” are back.

    Only idiots jump to unfounded conclusions, especially ones that aren’t nowhere near true.

  5. Do they call it the “Legion of Boom” because they are in the process of imploding?

    I’ve been a quiet Niners fan all season when it comes to Seattle because, well, we haven’t exactly had much to be proud of, and the fact that Seattle has been pretty dominant……and now we know why!

  6. Seahawks have only 2 players on the roster that have EVER been suspended for PED’s, which puts them in lower middle of the NFL.

    But don’t let facts get in the way or anything…

  7. Didn’t Browner say the same thing last season? Can we really take the word of a guy who has already been suspended?

    This really sucks for Hawks fans. I’m starting to think the whole secondary is on PEDs.

  8. Look at his tweet response. It says he is claiming its not for PED use, meaning its likely for something else. Weed is my guess. Either way, if he is suspended for anything, his career in Seattle is over, because he is in his last year of his contract. Certainly isn’t going to help Seattle go deep in the playoffs, no matter what Carroll would say to the contrary.

  9. I’ve said it for years! Pete Carroll failed in his first attempts at being a headcoach when he tried to do it the right way and after being fired a couple of times he decided it was time to “join ’em”……the cheaters that is. I don’t expect Seahawk fans to understand and that’s ok, they’re caught up in the euphoria of having a winning team even if it has to cheat to achieve success (doesn’t say much about those fans either). Pete Carroll cheats, endorses cheating, facilitates cheating and does what he can to cover it up. …..and when he gets caught….he bails.

  10. I think he knows how stupid it would look if he denies it and it’s true. Hold your horses….probably another issue with weed. Which is asinine. It’s ok to drink….but don’t you dare smoke weed.

  11. This guy (Silver) works for NFL Network which means in a roundabout way that he works for the NFL. He knows the rules on reporting this stuff and he chose to break them in the name of a “scoop”. Start sanctioning the reporters who knowingly violate league rules, privacy, etc.

  12. Vegas just made Seattle SB favorites, so this won’t have the effect most people think.

    Also, you m0r0ns should read better, as the other Seahawk isn’t suspended for PED, it was for pot.

  13. There are other reports out saying what Silver and reported was 100 % wrong. That Browner isn’t facing suspension for PED use.

    So all of you coming here to claim something may just look as foolish as you do each week.

  14. thepftpoet,
    sorry to disappoint you, but the story was wrong.

    Some reporter read last years story (11/25) date and reported it as current.
    Completely ignored the fact that it was from 2012.

  15. What gets me about these two recent stories is that a reporter of the NFL Network got the information from “a league source” . The NFL network is owned by the league. Isn’t leaking information a violation of the CBA? And the league is leaking stories to it’s own network? Perhaps the perception of East Coast biases has some base in fact? And when any team rises to the top, it becomes fodder for the press…

  16. If this is not true it should cost Mike Silver his job. Writers need to wait for the truth before reporting anything. Especially the league owned

  17. Suspended for 1 year for violation of substance abuse policy. Already had his appeal hearing. He’s gone.

  18. PED’s….Marijuana……who cares? Love how the supporters of these turds say it “only” marijuana, like it downgrades it at all,,,,smh

  19. And before you downvote my previous comment for calling it a one year suspension because the article says eight games, just wait. It’s a year.

  20. “But Browner denied Silver’s report.”

    Sure he denied it. Athletes and/or celebrities always instinctively deny it when they get caught doing something illegal, immoral, or unethical. Later, when it becomes clear they’re actually guilty, they deny the denial or claim it was “taken out of context”.

    This is all following a classic formula, folks.

    (See Vick, Michael or Braun, Ryan).

  21. Finally, something for the Whiners morons to write about. Good thing it isn’t about actually playing football, as that’s something they know little about.

  22. Schefter just reported he’s done for a year. So much for the classless Hawk fans and their misguided belief in this jerk. Anything they accomplish will be tainted—Carroll is one of the worst people in pro sports.

  23. Hey guys, fill us in on how weed is performance enhancing. I am sick of having guys get busted for weed, but just wait , the guys on your team smoke it too, and don’t act like they don’t.

  24. Seattle fans, I sympathize, but get used to it. Try having a “bounty scandal”. These days, if your team makes a mistake of any kind, its troll food. They use anything they can to contest the legitimacy of your team, because their teams aren’t that good. If you don’t believe me, ask a Pats fan.

  25. Wouldn’t be surprised if a few Denver players occasionally smoked too.. since it is LEGAL in both places.

  26. Silver has already reported that the suspension is NOT for peds, but for the league’s SUBSTANCE ABUSE policy. He also cites per his sources that this suspension will effectively end Browner’s Seahawks career.
    From, “NFL Media columnist Michael Silver reports that Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner is facing another suspension for violating league policy, according to sources with knowledge of the situation. This suspension is for violation of the league’s substance abuse policy. The Seahawks are ready to move on without him.

    Silver previously reported that Browner was facing a suspension for performancing enhancing drugs, rather than substance abuse. We apologize for the error.”

    “Silver reports that the topic has already been brought up in a recent team meeting. Center Max Unger and cornerback Richard Sherman addressed their teammates. The message: We’re going to the Super Bowl. If any of you want to do this stuff, go ahead. You won’t be coming with us.”

  27. This just in, the Seattle NFL team has officially changed its name to the Seattle Squirts. Its far less offensive to waterfoul who don’t squirt PED’s into their arms every 20 minutes.

  28. The NFL should just have a permanent team of testers in Seattle, it would save them a lot of travel money. Sarcasm aside, Pete Carroll needs to be investigated. He is doing to Seattle what he did to USC and when he finally gets caught, he’ll bail for………….arena football, Canadian football?

  29. Mr. wright payback is a bitch!

    You guys are the worst! Please refer to any and every SF 49er blog and you guys are the first to comment.

    If you are a sissy type and can’t take, then go away.

  30. Pete carroll never cheated in college fools reggie Bush got cars and houses and money… Not Pete carroll and I serious wonder if the seahawks are just stupid, bc other teams Niners and chiefs have players caught with drugs and see no suspension. Are we to believe that was the only time they had them in their possession or were using…? Glass houses Niners for instance YOUR PLAYER WAS IN REHAB, how in God’s name does he not test positive for peds.

    I’m actually starting to think Pete is not warning the players like other teams may be, so even tho you like to point out some false cheating when he never cheated. The Patriots cheated, I don’t even see the bounty gate as cheating just something blown out of proportion. Bc it happens on every single team and in many HS.

    People commenting are haters bc my team hasn’t tested positive for performance enhancing drugs but rather weed.. Their haters bc weed made them run so fast and get so big.. Uhh huh.. This is why your team still sucks redskins despite leading to the NFL in suspensions.. Same to you Niners even tho you succeed for 2 decades people act like the last two years were more than just a flash in the pan.

    To the Niners hating, I like SF, but let’s all be real. THE SEAHAWKS HAVE OWNED this division since joining. After this year the Sega will have had as many division titles AS ALL THE OTHER NFCW teams combined or within 1.. Which is the most obvious that your being owned. Talk about childhood sbs I lived watching and rooting for them, but that’s bc nationally it was Niners, Cowboys, and Eagles when I was young. No seahawks are scared of you and your near escaped victories when our team WA down and especially since we keep blowing your team out. Expect another blowout in SF and the rivalry will officially be dead like it was before when we spanked you regularly.

  31. As a 49er fan and a fan in general im getting tired of our fans running their mouths. We have problem players and so does Seattle. So does every other team in the league. Quite arguing about it, do either fan think these childish arguments are gonna help anything.

    As a 49er fan I am not gonna say they cheated to win, they are a great football team and any 49er fan arguing otherwise just needs to shut up cause u don’t know squat. The only unfair advantage they have is “earthquake stadium”. Not their players. But if they didn’t have such enthusiastic fans it wouldn’t be anyway. At the same time all Seattle fans talking about the 49ers suck need to get their head out of their ***. Bad teams don’t go 7-4, yeah you guys have a better record this year but you stil have a lot of ground to make up before your team is on the 49ers level. One great year doesn’t make a franchise great, you have a shot at a lot of great years in front of you leave it at that.

    Both teams fans need to shut the hell up, grow up and quit arguing over the internet. A war of keyboards is a war for ******.

  32. “Hey guys, fill us in on how weed is performance enhancing. I am sick of having guys get busted for weed, but just wait , the guys on your team smoke it too, and don’t act like they don’t.”

    Easy, it relieves pain. Pain inhibits performance. Even an aspirin is a “performance enhancing drug”, if it helps you return to the practice/game field faster. The NFL draws the line where it wants, and is always going to draw the line on federally restricted drugs (where really I’d much rather have guys smoking weed then getting addicted to pain pills).

    Not that I particularly care, I live where it’s legal (under state law anyway) and the world keeps moving along just as it did before, with perhaps more late night munchie meal sales at Jack in The Box.

  33. Surprise Surprise…

    nothing more needs to be said by the team who leads the league in PED’s suspensions

  34. assuredmutualdestruction says:I am a punk who likes to talk a lot with a keyboard.
    Hey buddy come on down to a championship city you are welcome at my tailgate on the 8th. #delusionalfansinjunkietown

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