Broncos expect to have Bailey, Thomas back this week


The news could have hardly been worse last night.

But as they approach the limit of the 24-hour rule, the Broncos were actually getting some good news.

Interim coach Jack Del Rio said most of the injury news was good, and that he expected both cornerback Champ Bailey (foot) and tight end Julius Thomas (knee) to play this week against the Chiefs.

“We got some decent injury news back today that a couple of the injuries that we were concerned about are not going to be significant,” Del Rio said in comments distributed by the team. “So that’s good news. Really the guys are day-to-day.”

As we mentioned earlier, running back Knowshon Moreno should be fine, and Del Rio said he expected the workhorse back to practice later this week.

Del Rio applied the same “day-to-day” tag to cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, who missed the second half with a shoulder injury, robbing the Broncos of their two best cover players.

18 responses to “Broncos expect to have Bailey, Thomas back this week

  1. Such a waste of a brilliant season knowing this Broncos team will be one and done with the choke artist Manning at QB.


    I’m a Broncos fan, but I’m 100% with you… When you look at the weather heading into January for Denver and even Kansas City, New England and maybe New York if they make it there, Manning will have absolutely have 0 chance… Just sayin

  2. Take away the botched punt and Denver most likely wins that game. Would everyone be talking about Brady and the Patriots choking? No they would be talking about how great a game it was and how New England came up just a little short. So all you Broncos haters keep hating…

  3. To broncos fan above:

    Take away the gift points the patriots spotted you in the first half and the game wouldn’t even have been close.

    Thx for your understanding,

    Patriots Nation

  4. Those aren’t Bronco haters, they’re Peyton Manning haters. They hate on him for a reason I don’t know, I guess it makes them feel better about their own insecurities.

  5. Thegronk87;

    You guys didn’t gift us any points. It’s called defense making plays.. The only team who gave away points was the broncos on that muffed punt which won you guys the game. Did you see it or were you with the fans who left at halftime?

  6. I just love how it all comes down to one player in Manning who wins or looses the game. …get a clue….know the game a bit before you all spout off at the mouth. Plenty of reasons why the Patriots were down 24 and plenty of reasons why the Broncos lost…not all of them had to do with Brady or Manning. Fools.

  7. Um…does anybody remember bailey getting beat soundly by young receivers? Not sure if him coming back is a good thing.

    That Jacob Thame is a stud. The broncos offense didn’t miss a beat without Thomas. Just shows the system and quarterback are key.

  8. taintedsaints2009 says:
    Nov 25, 2013 9:19 PM
    Um…does anybody remember bailey getting beat soundly by young receivers? Not sure if him coming back is a good thing.

    That Jacob Thame is a stud. The broncos offense didn’t miss a beat without Thomas. Just shows the system and quarterback are key.
    I’ll bet you can’t name more than 1 young receiver that beat Champ for a TD. Funny how a guy gets beat in one game and now he can’t play anymore. I’ll be waiting for that list.

  9. Dude has a steel plate in his neck, numb ass throwing arm and you people talk as if the guy has no balls to play. He shouldn’t even be out there, but because he’s still elite some of these idiots gotta jab at him.

    Just remember guys playing with a half a neck, half a arm and he’s still leads the league in yards, passer rating and touchdowns.

  10. I get the feeling that there’s a lot of football fans in Denver wondering if there’s any way to quickly put a dome on Mile High Stadium.

    I’m sure there’s also a lot Denver fans boasting “well if the Broncos didn’t have players injured they’d have won”

    Of course they apparently are unaware that the Patriots have lost a ton of big name starters and the Broncos lost matchups to 3rd stringers in many cases.

  11. #1 in the AFC is Denver and K.C.
    No reason to argue about games that haven’t happened yet.
    Bostonians seem angry no matter how well their teams do.
    Some must be from Philly.

  12. All I know Patriots got Extremely lucky, that Cromartie got hurt in the 2nd half or else This Patriots fan would be winning about something else, I Hope this 2 teams meet in the playoffs at Denver.

  13. I am a huge Peyton Manning fan but I can’t make excuses for his big game failures any longer. Enough is enough and the facts now are just too overwhelming. The voice in the back of my head has been telling me this for year s but instead I would just follow the Herd and ESPN in defending him. Greatness isn’t just playing great when conditions are ideal and easy. It’s got me thinking that I may have been duped by the media about his All-Time Greatness all along. He’s great but you can’t be All-Time Great with these games and playoff failures. How do you get OWNED by the guy they so often compare you to? Unbelievable. BTW, for all of you that use the excuse that he plays against Belichick here’s something to consider. Drew Brees averages 32 PPG has 10 TDs to 1 INT and passer rating in the 120s against Belichick. It’s time to stop making excuses and call it like we see it and what the facts say it is. He’s a soft, dome pampered QB with a fire no bigger than a match stick that wilts like a flower in the cold and crumbles like a cookie under pressure

  14. This game was not mannings fault. Broncos ran the ball 40 times gaining 280 on the ground. But all that is beside the point. You don’t have to win every game to get to the playoffs. The teams that are wrote off this time every year for whatever reason seem to be there in the end. New England is picked to be there season after season only to choke in the playoffs. So I ask you who the real choke artists are? 18 & 0 and lose the superbowl…..CHOKE!!!!

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