Davis facemasked, RG3 kicked in the groin, refs see neither


In the third quarter on Monday night in Washington, the officials missed two personal fouls in rapid succession, one on each team.

First, 49ers tight end Vernon Davis lost a fumble — but only after his facemask was blatantly grabbed, which the officials didn’t see. Davis’s fumble was reminiscent of a play on Sunday, when Vikings running back Adrian Peterson fumbled after Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk grabbed his facemask. As I noted this morning, the NFL’s rules do not allow the referee to use instant replay to correct missed personal fouls.

Then, on the ensuing Washington possession, as Robert Griffin III threw a pass, he was kicked in the groin by 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith. The officials didn’t see that, either.

Smith’s groin kick left Griffin in pain, and it may leave Smith lighter in the wallet. Last year, when Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh kicked Texans quarterback Matt Schaub in the groin, it cost him a $30,000 fine. Smith may be fined a similar amount.

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  1. Interesting to see the reaction to this since it looks way more intentional than Suh’s last year, and everyone lost their minds about Suh’s. Where are the people calling for a suspension?

  2. It’s just not practical for them to see everything. You either have a system in place that monitors the game and adjudicates stuff that needs to be corrected, or you don’t. The NFL has no system in place or plan for one. It’s just the way it is.

  3. This will continue until we get rid of those dang replacement refs!
    What? You mean they are not replacement refs? Shoot, I couldn’t tell the difference!

  4. And logicalvoicesays …….. “who who dat? whoo who dare”. hail to us and the knee.. ” LMAO
    I PROMISE you this boy is about 13 and trolls of all
    ages follow him like the bieb.
    hey new nick name the logiaclbibersays …. LOL
    HTTR = HailToTonyRomo THE END!

  5. guitarmy204 says: Nov 25, 2013 10:32 PM

    Interesting to see the reaction to this since it looks way more intentional than Suh’s last year, and everyone lost their minds about Suh’s. Where are the people calling for a suspension?
    It only happened like 10 minutes ago. Give it another 5 or 10 minutes. Seriously.

  6. RG3 is probably praying this this season ends now. He looks awful and the Shannahans don’t have s clue. At least the Washington professional team can regain their title as bottom dwellers of the NFC East. Make sure someone keeps Logical away from bridges and tall buildings

  7. I almost feel sorry for the Indigenous Peoples. RGIII is taking a beating, he looks like a little kid getting tossed around by his older brothers. Tell you what, Shanahan isn’t long for this franchise.

  8. Suh kick was laying on the ground and extended his leg when he didn’t have to. Smith jumped up and was pushed back, a lot harder for it to be intentional with a big body in front of you. If it was intentional it was a 10 point shot.

  9. I’ll admit it. Im a complainer about missed calls by the refs but even more annoying is the fact that after almost every play, some player is giving the “throw the flag sign” to the ref or openly complaining about the call they didnt get. Its getting really old. I think openly requesting a flag should be a 5 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and only the head coach should be able to ask for clarification of a penalty flag (or its absence). Players should play and refs officiate. We dont see refs making suggestions to running backs about how to hold the ball in traffic; I see no reason for players to lobby the refs on when to call pass interference or holding.

  10. Both QBs suck just kamp has a little bit better team around him RGIII will be gone in about two or three years hes definitely the worst QB of them two sad they wasted there picks on him glad im not a redskins fan dang im gald

  11. Logical must not watch the game because if he did, he would see that Skins fix themselves. They are just so bad.

    Fixed, right, what cause Robbie Griffin to throw that pick and fumble, that’s not one else fault but his. #RGONEYEARWONDER

  12. Robert Griffin III , used to be a talented QB.

    Shameful . .how these HORRIBLE Washington coaches, ruined this guy for his career.

    Any other team / coach , could’ve progressed with R.G., and win alot of football games.

    the Shanahans destroyed any future ,this kid had.

    Only the “truly delusional Washington-fans”,(and you know who you are) thinks this horrible display of football is progress.

    and Snyder loves it . . all the way to the bank

  13. The skins are just terrible…

    The OL is going to get Rg III killed !!!!

    Definitely not the best team in the league!

  14. The redskins are just terrible, I mean they really have to be one of the worst 3 teams in football. How they beat anyone the rest of the season is beyond me. If you can’t get up for MNF and make a game of it at home you plain suck.

    Rg3 looks like a place with no confidence and his team has non in him. He’s not mentally strong enough yet to get through it, just needs time but bc he was such a darling last season I’m afraid they won’t allow it he will need a new team to rejuvenate his career if he doesn’t next season.

  15. logicalvoicesays says:
    Nov 25, 2013 10:32 PM
    The NFL cheating vs the Redskins? No WAY. #NationalFixedLeague
    Logic is right! The refs shouldn’t be cheating to help the Skins opponents. The Skins can lose bad enough on their own, they don’t NEED help!

  16. logicalvoicesays says: Nov 25, 2013 10:32 PM

    The NFL cheating vs the Redskins? No WAY. #NationalFixedLeague

    Right after Davis gets his facemask ripped, no call. What’s your point? At least RG No Knee won’t feel it and Smith will get fined for kicking a girl. LOL

  17. how bout them deadskins? rg3 looks like he’s completely given up. solid use of the #2 pick getting such a great team leader. even if it is because he wants shanahan gone, its still pathetic. especially coming from a guy with a military family background. its ok though. they got their one division title. now its back to the basement for the next two decades again.

  18. Hahaha logical voice says! Just like the pats “cheated” their way to victory last night the skins are being “cheated” tonight. It has nothing to do with tom brady and BB or the skins awful o line. Cant wait til they change their name cuz its coming! Haha this is gonna be a great week

  19. Negative on the Suh comment. Suh was falling down backwards in an almost summersault. There was also an offensive lineman underneath him that he was engaged with prior to the kick. He also was facing away from the QB. I did not see the Aldon Smith kick to compare. But if Suh’s was intentional maybe he is actually Bruce Leroy (Sho ‘Nuff)

  20. RG3 was also pancaked out of bounds with no flag.

    While yesterday Cam Newton slipped and fell while stepping out of bounds, and Reshad Jones was flagged for a personal foul.

    Convoluted rules, and inept, inconsistent application of these rules, are really making the games almost unwatchable.

  21. If you gonna invest so much into RG3 why not protect him and get an o~line. He literally has no time to even blink before he gets hit. And please don’t start talking Cousins. He is awful. If anything bring in Rex and let RG3 get completely healthy. HTTR

  22. The situation with the refs is similar to that of a player slacking off after he gets his big money contract, now that they’ve signed they’re cba they can slack off for a couple of years years.

  23. Am I the only person with a DVR? The kick was absolutely not intentional. He got pushed up and the natural bodily reaction is to try to regain balance. That’s exactly what the leg whip was. No ill will here…

  24. The NFL does NOT want to deal with media circus that would come along with a team with a racist-ass mascot playing in the Superbowl. Face it. And as long as RG3 starts while Cousins rots on the bench, they’re going to helped out along the way.

  25. Hey Washington, remember when you guys called a ref the N word and got HIM suspended?

    LOL, those guys won’t be seeing any kicks to your groins for a while. Enjoy!

  26. Not sure if Smith did it on purpose, either way a fine I guess. Face mask was on purpose. I can see both players getting fined.

  27. St Louis is doing back flips. They traded the #2 which became RG3 for three firsts and a second and one of those is going to be a top five pick. What a deal! The NFC West just keeps getting stronger.

  28. I don’t think that was intentional or was Suh’s. He was engaged with a lineman at the time and wasn’t even looking that way. The NFL sure has some straight ninja’s because Suh was going to the ground face first impossible to kick in the nutz on purpose. Aldon was being engaged by a lineman and being lifted up while looking the other way. Thanks to the internet and hack reporting this stuff is common place. What websites wont do for a couple extra hits.

  29. The facemask, I could see them missing. They miss those types every week in the NFL.

    Now the kick to the groin, how they missed that is incredible.

    I hope we don’t ever reach this point but at some point you gotta ask if coaches shud be able to review stuff like this…problem is games would go 4 hours…every week.

  30. BTW, wasn’t Fred Davis supposed to be a “top 5 TE” and a “matchup nightmare”. I thought I saw him out there, but I can’t find his name in the stat sheet.

    Oh well, I’m sure the Skins will still figure out how to go 14-2. I read that they are God’s team so it must be true.

  31. I wish the refs would penalize me and take my remaining game tickets away. Then I wouldn’t be concerned with going the rest of this season. Just an awful performance, embarrassing really.

    I don’t think I care that griff got kicked in the snatch. We been getting kicked every game. Thought we turned a corner last year. Looks like the naysayers were right.

  32. I dunno, just watched the Smith/RG3 play. This looks more intentional to me than the Suh kick. Why does Smith lift his leg simultaneously with being pushed back into Griffin?

    With that said, you can see Smith immediately felt bad about it – you can see him try to pick Griffin up off the ground afterward… Kind of a “my bad bro” moment.

  33. If you complain about the refs they won’t give you the calls. Joe Gibbs used to always complain to the league and then the refs would always miss calls against them. Trent Williams got a ref suspended now all sudden the refs don’t see obvious calls. The league should monitor this and suspend more refs for missing calls.

  34. What about the play where Aldon Smith runs around Trent Williams and gets a free clean shot at RG3’s knee? I understand it’s okay if you’re blocked into someone, but he was scott free.

  35. I can’t imagine what you people would be saying if Suh did this. The difference between the two is that last nights kick by Smith was blatantly intentional.
    Smith has already proven himself to have a questionable character so where are all the people calling him dirty and saying he shouldn’t get the benefit of the doubt? Hypocrites.

  36. 1st it wasn’t a kick; a kick is with the foot, it was a knee. 2nd it wasn’t intentional Smith was engaged with a lineman and his attention was on him; not RGIII. It was an unintentional knee that hit RGIII’s groin.

  37. f1restarter says:
    Nov 25, 2013 10:36 PM
    If anyone deserves a kick to the groin, it’s the guy who drafted Griffin #2 overall.


    One of the best comments ever posted here!

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