Report: Wells likely to interview Martin again


Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin has met once with NFL investigator Ted Wells. And Martin likely will be meeting with Wells again.

According to the Associated Press, the interview will happen in New York or California during the first week of December.

It’s not a surprise. Wells has heard from Martin, and now Wells has heard from (reportedly) every Dolphins players. Wells undoubtedly will be trying to resolve various conflicting pieces of information obtained from the various witnesses, and the most obvious way to begin that process is to go back to Martin for clarification and elaboration.

At a certain point, Wells may not be able to resolve the various conflicts, and he’ll simply have to decide who he thinks is or isn’t telling the truth.

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  1. I have no background in investigating anything, but shouldnt this be a pretty common procedure? If you have 35 or so very specific questions, you ask them and make notes of the answers. Then a week or so later, you have a second interview and ask the same questions, worded a bit differently and make some notes. Then you compare the notes. If he is telling the truth the notes will be pretty similar. If he is lying the notes will reflect that. Not to imply Martin is lying, I am just saying that I would imagine that kind of process would certainly indicate who is being more truthful, somewhat truthful, or flat out making stuff up. I would expect another meeting with Incognito too, but who knows

  2. richie incognito – kicked off Nebraska football team

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  3. What a dilemma:

    His story (Team) VS. Her story (Martin) and then there is the TRUTH…..

    Ted Wells; The truth is what I say it is…….
    I just want more billable hours

  4. Martin is just upset about losing his starting job and trying to blame everyone but himself. His parents taught him how to take blame for anything. It’s time he grows up and learns it.

  5. I think the guy who doesn’t have an arrest record and didn’t have to pay off a woman that he sexually assaulted is the guy whose parents taught well.

  6. @doctorrustbelt

    I agree with both of your comments, Incognito is clearly not a guy you want on your team. I cannot fathom, contemplate, or understand how anyone could ever take this guys side. We see what he said to Jonathan Martin, he’s been reportedly been beaten up by his teammates, and also JONATHAN MARTIN IS NOT A ROOKIE, THEREFORE SHOULDN’T BE HAZED LIKE ONE. Yet Incognito says “sorry, didn’t mean to make him leave the team” and has won over the sympathy of everyone. He has changed so much according to his teammates, yet assaults a woman at a golf-outing, and pays her $30,000 not to talk about it. What a stand up guy, right? This is the guy I want as a team leader…

    Lastly on another point, people keep saying the NFL locker room is “just different” and you HAVE to be crazy. No, you don’t, Jonathan Martin didn’t HAVE to be bullied, but he WAS bullied by a bunch of CHILDREN who apparently think you have to solve problems by hitting someone in the face. And when has this happened in any other locker room to this extent? Never. You should be encouraging your teammates to get better, take extra reps, watch more film, not beat them up. Literally.

    I applaud Jonathan Martin for leaving the team and standing up for himself. He’s doing it in a much more mature way than resorting to childish things such as hitting Incognito in the face. Because apparently that’s how you solve problems.

  7. This is my first comment on this situation.

    I wish PFT would stop describing Wells as “independent.” He’s not. He’s paid, and thus owned, by Goodell. Goodell exists only because the owners say so. Their only interest is money to be made by the owners. You can be sure that they’ve already decided how this laughably “independent” investigation will be reported by Wells – whatever way they decide will be in the financial interests of the owners. ( This is exactly the way the so-called bountygate case and concussion cases were handled by Goodell ). The health and welfare of the player doesn’t matter, only the purses of the owners matter. Always.

    As to whether Incognito is a mean old bully or Martin isn’t being a man, it’s really very simple. Punching a man for saying hateful things is a crime. Those who say Martin should have done so are encouraging a criminal act. Martin, obviously, did the right thing. So, if you tell him to his face that he is not being a man he will be man enough not to beat the crap out of you.

  8. I hope stewie can build a new time machine so he can bring back brian. I miss that dog already. as for martin and incognito? I wish they would go away…

  9. The fix is in, you don’t bite the hand that feeds you, the league will get what they pay for, and in Miami heads will roll. bill

  10. the thing im most looking forward to is the outcome of the investigation coming out and saying that incognito and the dolphins have done nothing out of the ordinary of a normal locker room in the nfl and they are not in the wrong…..then watching the media try and talk thier way out of all the times they tried to bury and damage the dolphins with thier obsurd opinions and stories as well as there “breaking news” from thier “sources”.

  11. In theory, the fact that Martin is handling this without aggression
    and physicality shows decorum not often found in the NFL. His parents taught him
    social etiquette well, and that not everything needs to be resolved with physicality.
    BUT… looking deeper, Martin’s timing is very suspect, and his actions and silence
    lean more towards a prognosis of leaving in a cowardly fashion.

    All this comes to a point only AFTER the weekend he was demoted to RT.
    According to FOX Sports, Martin sends friendly texts to Incognito AFTER he left the team. If someone sent threatening texts with deplorable and racially slur filled language, I’d be PISSED and react one way or another in a matter of days.
    The only way that would come to light 7 months later, was if it really didn’t bother me.

    The racial slurs in that infamous text were around 8 months old.
    Do the math – that was February/March – no Dolphin players were in any locker room then. No players stopping him from forwarding the texts to coaches in person, team executives in person or via email, lawyer or agent.

    Not condoning Incognito’s actions in any way.
    He has shown he has done wrong, and came forward and explained his actions,
    AND his ignorance in every capacity. Incognito offered his phone to Jay Glazer and let that reporter go thru those message to get a grasp of the bigger picture. Martin, has not come forward publicly in any way similar.

  12. Martin CHOSE the sport of football.
    It is not a league of extraordinary gentleman. There is no Mr. Congeniality Award.

    Martin CHOSE a position where he uses his size & strength or influence
    to intimidate the opposing player and to force him to do, or go where Martin wants.
    (See Google’s definition of bully:
    There are no finesse offensive lineman in the NFL. Tackles have to defend and thwart
    ANY and EVERY attack from aggressive defensive players,
    men that will do anything it takes to get their tackle, their sack total elevated.

    For whatever reasons, Martin seemed to have a problem converting superior intellect to combine
    with the sheer brutality of the NFL. Not very successful at RT and failed
    after two attempts at LT (interim last year and starting this year). I’m sure Martin worked hard to be the best player he could be, and when that isn’t enough,
    the rejection can be devastating. Jokes and razzing from co workers can make things even worse.

    There are several fingers to point here. Incognito deserves one. So does the Dolphins organization for being so allegedly clueless about locker room goings on. But another goes to Martin for the way he handled this whole thing from start to finish.

    And @doctorrustbelt – while your at it, please administer Martin some testosterone.

  13. I think the term “bully” has been over used by the media and society as a whole. As an adult, you can only be bullied if you allow yourself to be bullied. “You want me to pay $15k for a trip I’m not going on? F- You!” See, problem solved. It seems Martin could have talked to the coaches, his union, or even Tannehill. “Hey Tannehill, make Incognito lay off me or the next game I might not give you the protection you need. Do you like concussions?”

  14. This is the society we are breeding with the whole PC correctiveness…. or the handing trophies out to kids that don’t kick a soccer ball just for showing up. Our society expects everything to be handed to them and never have the sense of earning it..


  15. This is sad how its the only way our team is relevant, man i remember being pumped after we signed Wallace, Keller, Ellerbe, and Wheeler. Its clear teams aren’t built through free agency

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