Jerry Jones: Dez Bryant can fix fumbling with football fundamentals


Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant had the 11th fumble of his four-year career on Sunday against the Giants, and Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones says he’d like to see Bryant work on the fundamentals of holding the football properly.

Jones said on 105.3 The Fan that he likes the physical way Bryant takes on tacklers, but he wants to see Bryant hold the ball closer to his body when he’s breaking a tackle.

“He’s violent when he’s got the ball,” Jones said. “He’s violent going after the ball. Consequently, he does need to have that ball in closer. He needs to fundamentally have it closer to his body.”

At the same time, Jones said he’ll gladly take all the good Bryant gives the Cowboys, even if it comes with the fumbles. And Jones isn’t so sure that any amount of coaching is going to change the fact that Bryant finds himself in some hard collisions.

“A lot of this is a natural, physical way he plays football, and you’re not going to coach it out of him,” Jones said.

Some players can be coached out of fumbling — Tom Coughlin famously worked with Tiki Barber on ball security — and so it makes sense for the Cowboys to try with Bryant. Even if Jones is willing to accept the fact that some of the hits Bryant takes are bound to jar the ball loose.

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  1. I will take his good over the bad, too. He is a force to be reckoned with, and he absolutely helped the team win this past game. And btw, that callon the final drive that was ruled an “incomplete pass” was complete Bull. That was a catch. He didn’t catch it in the air and fail to maintain possession. He caught it, maintained possession, took a few steps, and the ground caused the fumble. Last time I checked, the ground cannot cause a fumble. The NFL needs to get this clarified yesterday.

  2. Jerruah….hire a GM…. stay out of the media…and write checks out to effective coaches and front office personnel ……otherwise you will continue to “thrive” in the abyss of mediocrity that you yourself created….in the words of Skip Bayless….train wreck waiting to happen…you can’t stay out of your own way

  3. How long do we have to listen to this old man’s comments? I’m apathetic to the cowboys on the whole, but grandpa just makes me frustrated with his BS. At some point his ego will collapse in on himself like a dying star. Sheesh.

  4. J Jones is a lunatic. He should just keep his mouth shut.

    Despite the media’s negative portrayal, I’d much rather have the Belechickien “dont talk about people/players to the media unless its positive” approach than loose lips jerra jones throw anyone under the bus approach.. Makes for a much more sound environment. Especially if you live in big market where sports Media are like ravaging packs of hungry dogs, constantly looking for the slightest slip up in order to exaggerate their next story.

  5. “He’s violent going after the ball.” I guess if you mean a good shove of the defender away from him, then yes he’s violent going after the ball. Took a lesson from the original #88.

  6. Wait, so if you practice the fundamentals of football you won’t fumble the ball? That’s an amazing insight. Did he also mention that if you run fast enough people can’t catch you and if you block well the quarterback won’t get sacked?

  7. Come one Jerrah! Make yourself coach. I know u want to sit there on the sidelines looking like Tom Landry

  8. @ thedownwardspiral,

    Hey remember a couple weeks ago when the Saints OUTGAINED the Cowboys by 434 yds? Read that again. Not gained 434 yds,..OUTGAINED them by 434.

    What a beat down that was”.

    Remember the game where the Seahawks (at 7-9) beat down the “defending SB champion” 11-5 Saints and Marshawn Lynch had a highlight reel run against the Saints that will forever be burned into the minds of Saints fans? Yeah, you haven’t forgot about that one, I bet.

    Since you are talking about history, I thought I would also contribute to the discussion. If you would like to stick to the STORY, and discuss the Dallas/NY game, let’s do it.

  9. midtec2005 says: Nov 26, 2013 1:08 PM

    It would be nice if JJ stopped talking to the media. But that’s as likely as him hiring a general manager.

    He’s more likely to hire a new “owner” than replace himself as GM. Let’s be serious now.

  10. You have to start wondering if he makes these statements now because he knows people will hate on him for arm chair coaching.

    Personally, I hope he never stops…Cowboys locking up the .500 season warms my heart.

  11. Shut up Jerry. You’re the owner and a wannabee GM. Why don’t you stick to what you know, running a business. The problem in Big D is the big D-bag that we hear from more than we do the coaches. Looks like Cowboy fans have to play the same waiting game that Raiders fans had to.

  12. I really do wish this man a long life of being the Dallas GM.

    Gosh I hope he never gives it up.
    -THE NFC

  13. Amazing how none of the people who have coached Dez for the last 15 years never noticed that. Jerry’s insight is incredible and I’m sure that Dez won’t have any further fumbles now that Jerry has found the fix. What a genius!

  14. You could just not read or listen to comments from Jerry Jones if they cause so much grief in your lives.

  15. Dallas Cowboys owner and president Jerry Jones announced today the hiring of Matt Millen as general manager, effective immediately. Millen, who will oversee the entire football operation, will be introduced at a news conference later today at Valley Ranch.

    “We were very fortunate to find someone who is a perfect fit for our organization.” said Jones. “We see Matt coming in and taking over football operations without missing a step from the work he did in Detroit.”

    Millen spent eight years as president and general manager of the Detroit Lions from 2001-2008. During that time, the Lions compiled a record of 31-97 and in 2008, became the first team ever to finish a season 0-16. Notable draft picks during Millen’s tenure included Charles Rogers, Joey Harrington, Roy Williams and Mike Williams.

    “Detroit made a huge mistake letting this talented and consummate professional get away,” said Jones. “We hope that Matt can help us bring Jon Kitna and Roy Williams back to the organization.”

    “I am eager to pick up where I left off in Detroit,” said Millen. “I thank Mr. Jones for the opportunity.”

  16. 6, 2013 7:08 PM tjacks7 says: Nov 26, 2013 1:34 PM This guy is easily the most annoying owner in sports. ______________________ Irsay is still an owner, right?


    I’m not sure these two aren’t biologically from the same womb.


  18. It would be nice if JJ stopped talking to the media………

    No, please keep talking Jerry. I have my daily laugh at your expense.

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