Michael Griffin’s suspension upheld after appeal


Buccaneers safety Dashon Goldson might have created a false sense of security when he had a suspension overturned on appeal.

Because suddenly, the original punishments are sticking.

According to multiple reports, Titans safety Michael Griffin’s one-game suspension was upheld after his appeal.

Griffin was suspended for being a repeat offender of the league’s rules against hitting defenseless receivers in the head and neck area, after last week’s shot on Raiders tight end Mychal Rivera.

The suspension will cost him more than $205,000 in salary, plus this week’s game against the Colts, a game that has some degree of playoff implications in the still-not-official AFC South.

4 responses to “Michael Griffin’s suspension upheld after appeal

  1. So how is it that Dashon Goldson wins his appeal and Griffin does not? As far as dirty hits go, by the way the rules are defined currently, he is much worse than Griffin.

    The NFL has just to to make sure the Colts keep winning. Sad…

  2. They just can’t play football anymore. Griff was trying to go low (which is what you’re supposed to do these days) and Rivera fell forward/went low too. What should a defender do in that situation, skip over the offensive player?

    I also think it’s funny/sad that Michael Griffin, quite possibly THE softest safety in the league is a “repeat offender” under the new rules.

  3. Look at it again, he went down as low as possible to hit Rivera with his head.

    He went out of his way, the NFL got this one right.

  4. EVERY safety is a repeat offender these days. It’s sad what the league has become. Griff really had no other option here other than to let him complete the catch & then touch him so he’s down. He had no shot at hitting him & not getting a penalty/fine/suspension because the guy was already on the ground, although not yet down. The play did look bad, but when the guy goes to the ground how do you hit him low?

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