Brandon Weeden officially starting on Sunday


Sunday will be Brandon Weeden 3.0-time in Cleveland.

Weeden won the starting job to start the season and then hurt his thumb early in the year, opening the door for Brian Hoyer until Hoyer blew out his knee and handed the job back to Weeden. A couple of brutal performances by Weeden led the Browns to hand the job to Jason Campbell, but now Campbell’s dealing with a concussion and the Browns have turned their eyes back to the 2012 first-round pick one more time.

Coach Rob Chudzinski confirmed what everyone expected on Wednesday when he announced that Weeden will start against the Jaguars in Week 13. Campbell is still going through the concussion protocol and Chudzinski said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, that it is doubtful that he’ll be in uniform this weekend.

Chudzinski said that Weeden “has backing of his teammates” heading into this week’s game, but it’s not like anyone in Cleveland has much choice with Campbell on the shelf. Alex Tanney was signed off the Cowboys practice squad to serve as Weeden’s backup, but his experience is limited to YouTube videos and preseason games so Weeden would probably have been the choice even if his teammates were unenthusiastic about his return to the lineup.

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  1. The only thing the Browns can do is draft a QB and let a rookie, Hoyer, Campbell, and Tanney fight it out in the off season to be the starter.

  2. Concussion protocol? How come Wes Welker didn’t have to follow concussion protocol? Seems like the NFL looks the other way when TV ratings are involved.

  3. As a Browns fan I have seen this story before – Weeden will come out and throw 350 yards with 3 tds. This will get everyone excited and there will be talk of keeping him. Then the rest of the season will back to normal, 40% QB rating with fans saying to themselves after ever throw “what the hell was that?”

  4. I know some of the fans were calling on the team to start Tanney. Starting Weeden has to be the better choice. Anyone new coming in doesn’t know the playbook and hasn’t had the reps.

    If Weeden lays an egg as expected, then maybe Jacksonville wrecks their draft position a little bit. Oh well.

    Or maybe we can all just sneak bottles into the game, throw them onto the field during kickoff, and hand over the game 2-0 to the Jags, thus sparing everyone the grief of having to watch.

  5. Much to the dismay of Browns fans they will win this one and Weeden eh hem…sorry Josh Gordon will have a field day against the Jags offense.

    Weeden is actually good against really really bad teams because it doesn’t require him to read defenses (hence him looking like the second coming of Payton Manning during the pre-season when no one was playing defense).

  6. Brandon Weeden officially starting on Sunday

    Cleveland Browns officially losing on Sunday

  7. Cleveland receivers are good against bad secondaries because they can finally get some separation and with luck catch the balls that hits their hands.

  8. Whoever plays would be an upgrade over noodle-arn Dalton. Cin receivers are jealous of the situation the Browns are in. At least they’ve moved past Denial.

  9. Our browns have won nothing since being back …..but I’m sure and for what reason I don’t know , everyone hates on them like they won 6 straight superbowls

  10. At least Tanney has potential upside. We’ve seen plenty of Dalton and he has peaked, the ceiling being a playoff loss.

  11. Why they don’t bring in Tebow, I can’t understand. Tebow has a winning record as an NFL starter. Weeden never will.

  12. @ coop16 – Please, Browns, bring in Tebow! That way Gator Nation will shut up about him being in Jax!!

  13. The Browns coaching staff agree that Brandon Weeden is the right choice as long as he’s healthy.

    He puts them in the best position to draft Bridgewater, Mariota, Carr, Manziel, or Boyd next year. ZING.

  14. I cannot drink enough to make this game watchable. I’d rather go shopping with the misses, on Black Friday, than watch anymore of Wenke 2.0.

    For Gawd’s sake, with all of the reasonable college QB’s that didn’t quite make it to the NFL (over the last couple of years) there isn’t ANYONE that is better than We-done????

    Come on, Man.

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