Mike Tomlin was in field of play on Jacoby Jones’ long kickoff return

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A 73-yard Jacoby Jones kickoff return helped set up the Ravens’ third field goal of the game and gave Baltimore a 16-7 third-quarter lead against Pittsburgh on Thursday night.

The question is, could the return have been even longer if Steelers coach Mike Tomlin wasn’t in the field of play as Jones sprinted down the Pittsburgh sideline?

A replay of Jones’ return (and this screen shot from MDS) showed Tomlin just in the field of play as Jones runs toward him. While Tomlin jumped out of the way before Jones could make contact with him, the Ravens’ returner, who had been running close to the sideline, altered course inward, and he was caught by Steelers defensive back Cortez Allen from behind.

The Steelers have now cut the Ravens’ lead to 19-14 early in the fourth quarter. No matter the outcome, Tomlin’s impact on Jones’ return figures to be much discussed.

32 responses to “Mike Tomlin was in field of play on Jacoby Jones’ long kickoff return

  1. I heard the Jets are looking for a new strength coach now that Sal Alosi’s gone, Tomlin seems to fit the bill. Should be suspended, no room for cheaters in this league.

  2. They should suspend him a game or two.
    Injury potential aside what a bush league move. At least the Jets guy was a special teams assistant. This clown is the head coach!
    Stay classy Pittsburgh.

  3. The correct ruling by the way is a TD. A person from a sideline cannot interfere like that in the opinion of a paying-attention official, in their judgment they can automatically award a TD. This was a no-brainer call.

  4. Get out the checkbook Mike
    That little piece of cheating and that telltale smile
    after will cost you about 25 large
    And of course the zebras are clueless
    What else is new

  5. And the replacement ref, who was right in front of this play, missed it???? Come on Roger, can’t we get the good refs back? Games would be so much better officiated with the real ones blowing the whistle.

  6. You can be upset with Tomlin all you want, but the fact is the officials yet again show how awful they are. No wonder this stuff happens.

    The ref was literally running behind Tomlin out of bounds and saw him jump out of the way and he did absolutely nothing about it.

  7. Man, you’d expect more from a guy like Tomlin. It’d be one thing if it was accidental, but take a look at the GIF floating around the web and you can clearly see two things —

    1. Tomlin is eyeballing the scoreboard and thus well aware of where Jones and the play is heading

    2. Tomlin takes an unnecessary step INTO Jones path, before feigning surprise and stepping away.

    Total amateur move by an otherwise well respected coach.

  8. Basically Tomlin cheated. He entered the field of play and intentionally tried to injure a player by disrupting a play. He is a head coach in the NFL and commish Roger should not only fine him but suspend him.

  9. I’m a Steelers fan & I sincerely hope the League fines the crap out of this idiot. That was totally classless.

  10. If the NFL doesn’t fine Tomlin or suspend him, I recommend all NFL coaches play dumb and block the sidelines on kick returns. If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying,

  11. Tomlin should get at least the same fine and suspension that that the NY Jets strength coach received.

    It’s even worse that this guy is a head coach?

    No class.

    C’mon man.

  12. Is he supposed to be behind the white area? I don’t know the rule.

    Regardless, this could be construed as an intent to injure, the NFL should come down heavily on him.

    Had this been a blowout, Jones could have leveled him, as it was he should have bumped him pretty good, taken a spill and been awarded the touchdown.

    We were taught in baseball to run into the third baseman if he was in the baseline to get the interference call. Same thing.

    As I think about it, Tomlin may have been caught up in the video board and done it unintentionally. He had to know the risk of being hit by a running player or two.

  13. Jones was trying to score in his teams best interests… But he should have lowered a shoulder into Tomlin. A stern talking to by league officials won’t quite send the message a shoulder pad to Tomlin’s throat would have sent.

  14. the zebra’s don’t call penalities on thesteelers, just ask the cards about all the challenged and overturned calls plus no calls in the superbpwl loss. last play the reciever only had one foot down the other one was on his heel. ect they didn’t name them steelers for nothing.

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