Romo overcomes virus to help Cowboys win

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It wasn’t quite the same thing as Michael Jordan in Game Five of the 1997 NBA Finals, but Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo overcame a virus during his team’s Thanksgiving Day win over the Raiders.

“Whatever it is, bug some shape or form,” Romo told reporters after the 31-24 win.  “Just, you know you just kind of feel down.  But it’s no different than guys playing through pain or any of that junk.  Just part of playing football.”

He said he started feeling sick Wednesday night, and that he woke up “not feeling good.”  He took “a bunch of stuff” from the doctor.

“It’s a virus,” he said.  “It runs its toll, and you try and get better.  No big deal.”

It could be a bit of a big deal if the NFL starts asking why Romo wasn’t downgraded to at least probable with an illness.  Instead, the illness was completely concealed by the team — which could result in the Cowboys paying the equivalent of a parking ticket to the league’s charities.

UPDATE 10:29 p.m. ET:  Per the Cowboys, Romo was vomiting and took IV fluids earlier in the day.  He didn’t come out early to throw passes prior to the game.

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  1. Really. You want to take a valiant effort by a quarterback who was sick and suggest and turn it into a story about why the Cowboys should be punished by the league for it. That’s absurd. Players play hurt and sick all the time and that doesn’t mean you have to change their injury designation.

  2. Sha, right. The only reason to be on an injury report is if there’s a question as to whether a player will play. This guy played through a punctured lung, I think he can handle a little bug.

  3. That darn Romo.

    Trying to make things interesting for a final week showdown with the Eagles. Both of those teams can’t be the real deal, but they will sort things out to let us know which one is.

  4. It’s stupid but if a player has any illness or injury the league requires all teams to reveal it on the injury report. They Boys probably will get a $5000 fine. Romo has looked very good in the 2nd halfs and late in the 4th of the past few games and really all season. I can tell he’s being careful with the ball and that will hurt his yardage total some games but it’s worth it

  5. Eagle fan here. Tony is tough, idk he definitely has let my guys beat him up over the years and I know it would take a lot to keep him out. If we gotta play the cowboys twice a year there’s no other qb I like seeing get smacked down and pick 6ed 🙂 Tony is a good qb and he has the best line he’s had since parcells was coach , so thank u tony for the good times.

  6. One might think that the team would have to know about the injury or illness in order to be on the hook for reporting it. Says he felt sick last night, felt sick this morning. For all we know the team didn’t see him until he showed up and who knows when that was or who was or wasn’t informed about it? The update says that Romo was getting treatment and didn’t come out early to throw so I have to believe they found out about it pretty shortly before gametime.

    We’ll call the “the illness was completely concealed by the team” part a bit of journalistic license since you’re just assuming that simply because he’s not on the injury report.

  7. People always hate on Romo but when he gets his ring and Itruly believe he will he’s right there with manning no MVP awards but nobody counts those it’s like a popularity contest last year was Peytons best year and he didn’t win it so that right there shows you

  8. steelersaregodsteam says:
    Nov 28, 2013 10:44 PM
    The steelers are marching! Yes!

    Witness history!
    I didn’t realize logical voice had 2 teams. Lesson #1 big man, don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Lesson #2 the steelers are garbage.

    I do enjoy watching you change your tone all season long as they win longest win 3 in a row and then embarrass themselves in Baltimore.

  9. Hopefully The Walking Dead on AMC won’t let me down as much as the Raiders have. Its bad when you get used to losing and think about better ways to spend your Sundays…Really don’t want to hear any Ra-Ra speeches about being a fan, its old and has no more steam, Raider fan since 72′

  10. I thought the big difference in the game was not Romo, but Dallas’ run defense.

    They keyed the run and that was the difference.

    Adding 70 million or so to this Raiders team next year should be interesting.

    Good win, Cowboys.

  11. At least it’s more believable than that “punctured lung” line they tried feeding us a few years ago.

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