Texans face Pats again, under far different circumstances

Getty Images

Last December, the 11-1 Texans hit the road for a game in New England sporting old-school letterman jackets.

Since then, well, maybe the Texans can blame it on the old-school letterman jackets.

A 42-14 loss to the Patriots greased the skids for a 1-3 finish to the regular season.  The Texans then went 1-1 in the playoffs, exiting the second postseason in team history with the second loss at Gillette Stadium in five weeks.

This year, the Texans have started 2-9.  Dating back to last December’s game against the Pats, that’s a record of 4-13.

A loss Sunday will drop the Texans to 3-13 in a full regular season since the 11-1 Texans took the letterman jackets to Foxborough.

Needless to say, the old-school letterman jackets should be burned.