Chiefs may have escaped a serious Branden Albert injury


Chiefs left tackle Branden Albert left Sunday’s loss to the Broncos on a cart, with a knee injury.  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the current thinking is that the Chiefs dodged a bullet.

Confirmation of that reality (or not) will come on Monday, when Albert undergoes an MRI exam.

Albert, the team’s franchise player in 2013, is due to become an unrestricted free agent in March.  A serious knee injury would have dramatically impacted his market value.

If healthy, the Chiefs may have no choice but to use the franchise tag again on Albert, or to sign him to a long-term deal.  Right tackle Eric Fisher, the first overall pick in the 2013 draft, has struggled this year.  Fisher may not be ready to move to the left side in 2014.

16 responses to “Chiefs may have escaped a serious Branden Albert injury

  1. if the chiefs keep “Cooper” in at cornerback, you’re going to see many receivers score 4,5,6,7 touchdowns a game.

    i’ve never seen a guy get picked on an entire game like he did, and the defensive coordinator not make any adjustments. it’s like the chiefs wanted to lose with those kinds of decisions.

  2. (Throat clear) Are the Chiefs the first team to start the season 9-0 and then lose 3 in a row? (Throat clear) They will still make the playoffs, but I can see them losing 2 more games. (Throat clear) Are the Chief fans serious with their outdated, stereotypical chant? (Throat clear) Time’s yours. (Throat clear)

    Denver’s defense is not good at all. I don’t see them going to the Super Bowl.

  3. They aren’t there yet, but clearly not a top team. But keep in mind, they were 2-14. They need a WR, cb, and a safety. Great they got back in it but questionable play calling on the last 3 plays. Short pass, WR screen to a WR that has no business in the league, and a dart to a double covered Bowe. Not to mention the 1st and 2, from the 2, and they’re throwing on 1st down, with JC on your team…

  4. If you have Andy Reid as your coach and are losing at any point in the fourth quarter you might as well quit. He’ll parlay this season into a 4 and 12 season next year and draft players that won’t help your team win

  5. What happened to the amazing KC defense knocking Peyton to the ground yet again ? Looks like another vince bombardi trophy for the chefs. What is that, 40 in a row ??

  6. Fat albert is hurt now too…scoop him up and toss his big behind on the sideline. Bring in the next scrub.

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