Jets turn to Matt Simms

Getty Images

Rex Ryan stuck with Geno Smith as the starter after a string of brutal performances, but patience ran out after the first half on Sunday.

With the Jets down 6-0 to the Dolphins after a half that saw them pick up just 39 yards, Ryan made the move to Matt Simms to start the second half. There was no immediate spark to the offense as the Jets punted after three plays to start the third quarter, but Simms will get more chances to move the team over the rest of the afternoon.

Should he author the kind of performance that made his father an icon at the stadium that used to stand next door to MetLife Stadium, Simms will probably hold onto the job a little bit longer. Even if he falls short of that standard, Simms could hold onto the job now that the Jets have admitted things are moving in the wrong direction with Smith.

That’s for after the game. For now, the Jets will try to scrounge up enough points to steal a game that’s still up for the taking.