Knile Davis goes 108 yards to get Chiefs a 14-7 lead


It’s been a very symmetrical start in Kansas City.

The Chiefs drove down the field on their first drive of the game only to see an interception bring things to a halt. The Broncos followed with a drive back down the field that ended on Peyton Manning’s fifth interception of the season and the Chiefs capitalized with an Alex Smith touchdown pass to give them an early lead. So, naturally, the Broncos followed that up with a Manning-to-Eric Decker touchdown that brought everything back into balance.

Until the ensuing kickoff, that is. Knile Davis went 108 yards for a touchdown to send Arrowhead Stadium into a frenzy and give the Chiefs a 14-7 lead over their AFC West rivals.

Andre Caldwell couldn’t return serve, which means the Broncos will have to find another way to even things back up in a game that’s living up to its hype as one of the day’s best matchups.

UPDATE 5:07 p.m. ET: So much for symmetry. Manning threw his second interception of the game after Davis’ kickoff return and the Chiefs are driving in Broncos territory with 12 minutes to play in the second quarter.

8 responses to “Knile Davis goes 108 yards to get Chiefs a 14-7 lead

  1. It’s not easy to make Alex Smith look decent, but the Bronco’s defense is getting it done.

    The Chiefs secondary got exposed a couple of games ago, they’re seriously short on speed back there.

  2. Must have been more exciting than those awesome plays where the ball sails through the endzone. They should move the kicks up 5 more yards then nothing like this will ever have a chance of happening.

  3. It’s almost like Rob Ford er….JoeTrollonto just sits and waits for a Chiefs article to pop-up just so he can say something silly. JoeTrollonto = Closet Chiefs fan.

  4. manning is forcing the ball to decker in this game and got lucky the safety completely left decker wide open for that touchdown.. he came close to another pick in that half trying to go for another long pass.

    also, alex smith is so easy to beat if you just blitz him. he panics everytime he sees a guy coming.

    and once again, the reason the broncos continue to sustain drives is moreno…the cheifs just leave the guy wide open out in the flat. slide your defensive end out to cover him! stop falling for mannings trap. it’s so simple i’ll never understand why defesnvie coordinators think you can sack peyton manning. he dumps it off so easily it’s just a trap he sets for defenses.

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