Texans favored in rematch vs. Jaguars


The Texans have lost 10 games in a row. One week ago, they lost to the visiting Jaguars, who were heavy underdogs.

On Thursday night, the Jaguars and Texans meet again, this time in Jacksonville. The Jaguars have their own streak going; they have won two games in a row after upsetting Cleveland on Sunday.

Still, the Texans remain favored over the Jaguars at multiple Nevada sports books, according to multiple line-tracking websites. Houston is most commonly a 2.5-point favorite over Jacksonville in Nevada.

If the game kicks off with the Texans as favorite, it will mark the 25th consecutive regular-season contest in which the Jaguars have been underdogs. Per Marc Lawrence’s 2013 College and Pro Football Stat and Log Book, the Jaguars haven’t been favorites since Sept. 30, 2012 vs. Cincinnati.

The Bengals won 27-10 as one-point underdogs.

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  1. That reminds me of the words of a famous Texan.

    “Fool me once, shame on…shame on you. Fool me…you can’t get fooled again.”

  2. It’s a division game and it really doesn’t matter what the record is.

    That given, I would go for the split rather then the sweep any day, because it is a sure fire safe bet. I don’t know the records for all the ways that you can dissect an inner division match up, but I am willing to bet on the 1-1 split every time.

  3. Whoop-dee-doo! Go lay your money down on a team that has lost 10 games in a row! Vegas says they are odds on favorites to beat the team that beat them last week. It’s the “Lock of The Week”

  4. .

    The Texans play has been better than their record. Although they’ve lost 10 in a row, most games have been decided by one play / one score.

    The Patriots didn’t beat the Texans yesterday. They survived and escaped.


  5. Can the league please intervene and make sure the Jags don’t get any illegal film study and scouting in on the Texans? It makes for a really suspicious game when opponents don’t lay down and die for the Texans.

  6. It cannot be true that the Jaguars have been underdogs for 24 straight regular season contests and that they were favored in a 2012 contest.

  7. First of all, the team is NOT #1 defensively. Using yards per game is a stupid metric. The offense gave away so many turnovers this season that the opposing offense didn’t need very many yards to score points (Texans are in the cellar in the PPG department).

    As for this game, spreads like this show you how dumb Vegas thinks all of those bettors are. The line is simply their estimate of what it would take for them to get 50/50 split of betting action.


    The Texans have lost 10 straight. This team can sense that a new regime will come in next season (definitely new coach, maybe new GM, though most people think Rick Smith deserves to stay) and is sleepwalking til the end (if not outright Tankin 4 Teddy)

    Conversely, the Jags have won 3 out of 4 and are playing with fire for the first time. Yes, they’ve beaten Fitzpatrick, Keenum, and Weeden, but this is STILL a nationally-televised home game, and the Texans/Jaguars has always been a contested rivalry, so they’ll show up with as much if not more passion as ever.

    I don’t have the numbers in front of me, but bad teams DO NOT win on the road on Thursday night. The Texans’ coaching staff has proven inept at forming winning game plans when given all week. You think they’ll pull it off in half that time?

    Finally, since I’m sure the Jags victories will be dismissed as against inferior competition, the Texans have lost to Chad Henne and Matt McGloin recently.

    But yet, the public will pound Houston because they’ve been told that Jacksonville is one of the worst teams ever. With a better record than Houston.

    Do what you want, but the Texans know two things:

    1) With their GM likely sticking around, and the zone blocking scheme and 3-4 defense firmly entrenched (with players who would NOT be as effective in different schemes), most of their jobs are safe going into next season.

    2) if they lose Thursday, then they will have scored the upset win in the #Tank4Teddy sweepstakes. And the Texans’ talent + a spark from a new coach (Ray Horton, please) + a QB who compares himself to Peyton Manning (and he might be right) = Texans being next year’s last-to-first story.

    Take a lesson from the Colts: sometimes losing is winning.

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