Giants aren’t planning to shut down Pierre-Paul

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Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul missed the team’s Week 13 victory over the Redskins because of a shoulder injury that’s caused him problems for several weeks.

Pierre-Paul was able to fight through the injury to make a crucial interception in a victory over the Packers, but he was completely ineffective against the Cowboys after spending the week making promises about making Dallas shed blood during their visit to the Meadowlands. With the shoulder not doing any better last week and the Giants’ playoff chances increasingly remote, coach Tom Coughlin was asked if the team might officially shut Pierre-Paul down after two weeks where it’s looked like he’s unofficially packed it in for the season.

“I don’t think so,” Coughlin said, via the Newark Star-Ledger. “I don’t think it [the injury] is in that position. We really don’t know what his status will be this week until we get a little bit closer to Wednesday. He has been treated and rested and hopefully there’s going to be some progress made.”

Like most of the Giants’ star players, Pierre-Paul’s had a miserable season. It started with him slowed by recovery from back surgery and then he hurt his shoulder just as he was talking about feeling back to normal near the middle of the season. He’ll be in the final year of his contract in 2014 and he’ll need to show a lot more than he did this season in order to get the big extension that seemed a sure thing when Pierre-Paul was tearing things up during the 2011 season.

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  1. The G-Men better be damned careful with JPP. Pierre-Paul is a REAL asset when healthy, but can be useless when his play is injury-compromised.

    The Giants need to look at the bigger picture, and from less of a short term gratification perspective.

    My Steelers, in their mind-boggling myopia, SQUANDERED 2001 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year by playing him when he had NO business on an NFL field – and it destroyed what had previously been a VERY promising career.

    Despite how weak the NFC East is this year, the Giants are not primed for a huge season – and one of their top priorities is to get JPP at FULL strength for many years to come. If they make some foolhardy RGIII-esque decision for purposes of short term gratification — it could really blow up in their face in a big way.

  2. People coming off BACK SURGERY are particularly susceptible to very damaging long term effects. The Big Blue Wrecking Crew might to re-think this issue.

  3. Diehard Giants fan here. JPP and Nicks can share the same cab out of town as far as I’m concerned.

    Neither guy is ever healthy and both seem to take themselves way too seriously. JPP has more upside at this point. But I don’t think he’s worth a big money deal. Back to back miserable seasons.

  4. JPP was a one year flash in the pan wonder. Another of Reese’s bad draft blunders ala Pugh nassib the defensive tackle from OSU. As well as goff Beatty khiel randle Robinson. And we passed over players like kassim green massie the tackle from Arizona. Trufant and Rhodes. Most good offensive lineman in this years draft. And that’s just a sample. Reese sucks. Jpp needs to be traded. Cruz was a waste of money, because he can’t do crap without nicks healthy.
    Myers sucks. Beatty sucks. So does snee and diel and mr stack of dimes for a neck worthless center. Jernigan sucks. Terrell Thomas and Webster suck. Paysinger and Jaquan Williams suck. Tuck sucks.

  5. Wow. JPP had 6.5 sacks his second year mtblue1979 when most guys actually have none, they should have shut him down for the first 6-10 games after the surgery and played Moore instead, couldn’t go any worse than 0-6, Cruz is awesome but you have to have other threats, one guy is never enough, ask AJ Green. We should keep Beason and Hillis and pick up online and db’s this draft. Tuck should take a pay cut 9.5 million for squat is a lot.

  6. Pierre-Paul is dominant when healthy, but like Nicks, is average at best when injured. Nicks will be gone in 2014.

    For those saying Tuck is worthless, you must not be watching too closely. He had a disappointing season last year, but so far has played great this year. Tuck is also in the last year of his contract.

    How can you say TT sucks? The guy is lights out in run support and has done a hell of a job covering the slot receiver. He’s not a guy that’s gonna shut down a #1 receiver, but he’s also not being paid like he’s that guy either.

    Except for Weatherford, the special teams is awful. Josh Brown misses too many easy kicks. Eli has really had a terrible season – probably his worst ever. Whether it be because of the lack of a run game early in the season or inconsistencies in the O-line, he hasn’t been on the same page with his receivers and has been terrible under pressure. He really misses having a solid TE; Myers hasn’t shown to be all that was advertised as a receiver, and can’t block worth a damn.

  7. Poor money,draft & contract management as of late.
    Some good free agent picks.
    Way Way too many injuries!!
    Need to rebuild the whole mess.

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