Le’Veon Bell hopeful he can play after Thanksgiving concussion


When we last saw Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell, he was being helped off the field in Baltimore on Thanksgiving night after suffering a concussion while trying to score a touchdown near the end of the fourth quarter.

Bell and Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith had a helmet-to-helmet collision on the goal line that forced Bell’s helmet to come off and his head slammed into the turf as he fell into the end zone. The play was whistled dead when his helmet came off, which means that Bell was concussed without putting points on the board.

Bell, who had perhaps the best day of his rookie season with 136 total yards and a touchdown, before getting hurt, has since watched tape of the play and agrees with everyone else who saw it by calling it an “ugly hit.” He says he’s been feeling “progressively better” and did some running Monday as he waits to take the tests he’ll need to pass to get back on the field.

“I’m going to take it day by day and see where we’re at,” Bell said, via Scott Brown of ESPN.com. “The goal is obviously to play, but if [I’m] not able to, I’m not able to.”

If Bell can’t play, Jonathan Dwyer and Felix Jones will be the backs for the Steelers as they try to remain alive in the AFC playoff race.

11 responses to “Le’Veon Bell hopeful he can play after Thanksgiving concussion

  1. Im glad this man runs the football for my team… Watching the progression of Le’Veon has been awesome!! Def a bright spot in a season ALL Steeler fans would love to forget!

  2. This guy is just injury prone. The steelers were once a proud franchise; winning Super Bowl after Super Bowl with the aid of performance enhancing drugs. Now they draft criminals and busts. So sad.


  3. I’m surprised the mods allowed the word “chode” to be put into the conversation.

    Perhaps steelers fans get preferential treatment? I mean, I can understand pitying them, as their team won’t get number 7 for decades…

  4. With all the excitement over him losing his helmet and being out cold, I thought it surprising that no one asked the question: Isn’t that hit unnecessary roughness? When Ryan Clark hit Willis McGahee in the AFC championship game a couple of years ago, the commentators were all up in arms about how he led with his helmet. The fact that 80% of the hit was absorbed by his shoulder didn’t dissuade them. Jimmy Smith hit him full speed from the side directly to the head and went way beyond just leading with his helmet. Just a thought.

  5. @tokyotaint

    Don’t be such a hater. None of the Steelers have been brought up on murder charges or cocaine trafficking like the Ravens.

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