Seahawks clearly the best the league currently has to offer


The Seahawks’ throttling of the Saints on Monday night proves that, currently, the Seahawks are the best team in the NFL — and that a big gap exists between them and the second-place team.

With only one loss in 12 games and an inability to lose at home, the Seahawks have become the presumptive favorites to win the NFC championship and to earn a berth in Super Bowl XLVIII.

For that reason, they remain firmly entrenched as the top team in the PFT power rankings.

Sure, a lot can happen between now and February.  But it would be a major upset if anyone beats Seattle in two postseason games before the Super Bowl.  And it’s hard to imagine anyone from the AFC other than the Patriots finding a way to beat them at MetLife Stadium.

To see where the Patriots and the other 30 NFL teams fall in line behind Seattle, click here.

27 responses to “Seahawks clearly the best the league currently has to offer

  1. If we have a Denver vs Seattle SB, I’m going to get really, really, really drunk so I can forget I had to watch it.

  2. And it’s hard to imagine anyone from the AFC other than the Patriots finding a way to beat them at MetLife Stadium.

    Is it? You really dont think the Broncos would stand just as much a chance as the Pats? Really?

  3. As a Patriots fan, I must say that the Seattle Seahawks are no joke. That game last night was brutal. Seattle put a beat down on New Orleans with Drew Brees being a non-factor for the whole game so they should scare every team in the league. Seattle is stacked on both sides defensively and offensively so to believe that they are not the favorites for a superbowl run would be an inadequate statement. Even if the Patriot’s were at full strength defensively, this would be a tough game to win but with Tom Brady as the quarterback, I wouldn’t count them out. But my question is, why the Patriot’s? The Bronco’s could definitely give the Hawk’s a run for their money especially at full strength right? I mean, the Hawk’s should have lost to the Texans if Schaub didn’t throw that costly interception at the end of the game so why not the Chiefs? All I can say at this point is that Seattle is a force to be reckoned with this year and I will not be ignorant to say anything less!!

  4. The way these guys are playing right now in all three phases I don’t see any AFC team playing with them in New Jersey in February. And good for Seattle – they’ve done it the right way and they play hard nose old school football.

  5. Clearly the best? Do you think they would clearly be the best if they had to play Denver in Denver?

    They are clearly one of the best teams, but to declare them clearly the best is a little much. Other NFC teams do need to be concerned about them getting that bye and playing at home though.

  6. therealbleedcoltsblue, you forgot to add that the game was at 10AM, and that bad officiating created a 15 point swing for the Colts and is the only reason the Seahawks aren’t 12-0.

    The Broncos? Child’s play. Go back and watch the pre-season game where both teams played their starters for the entire 1st half. It was 33-7 at halftime.

  7. “Any Given Sunday” must always be kept in mind. However, I agree with you, Mike in that right now, the team looks tougher then most other NFL teams and better than they have ever looked. That being said, let’s hope it continues. Exciting times for Hawk Fans.

    Go Hawks!

  8. listenup823 says: Dec 3, 2013 10:32 AM

    5 of The Seahawks wins have been by 7 points or less to crappy teams.. Some in overtime…They can be beat..

    This comment worked for MNF pre-game and was why many said the Saints would win. Not sure it still works unless you qualify and say that if the Hawks don’t play well, they can be beaten. But then, of course, that goes for all the teams.

  9. I think it is obvious that the reason Mike mentions the Patriots as the only team to be able to beat the Seahawks “in MetLife Stadium” is because the Patriots are traditionally one of the best cold weather/bad weather teams in the league. The Broncos might be the pick if the game were in a dome, but it isn’t, so they aren’t.

    I don’t think that the Patriots have the defense to make it this year, but if they make it to the Super Bowl & it snows, they should win.

  10. No one team is unbeatable in the NFL. Especially at a neutral site. ESPECIALLY in the Jersey snow. When is the last time the Seahawks won in the snow. CANT WAIT! Heck when is the last time they PLAYED in the snow? Cold weather teams will be waiting.

  11. The Cheathawks have the best designer drugs the league has to offer.

    Their accomplishments are tainted.


  12. This league sucks and there’s no competition. College football is a more professional league than this. Lousy teams with lousy GMs and HCs, and horrible rules and oversight of the game. This league is a total embarrassment right now. Except for Seattle, they are doing ok. Still could have been much better though if their GM made even better choices on stuff that he didn’t do well with.

  13. At this point there is no arguing that Seattle is the best team based on thier record and Monday’s performance. But there is time left in the season, so that can change. Seattle has under preformed multiple times this year, and then on other occasions over preformed (like last night). Unfortunately for me as a Seattle fan hater (do not really dislike the team as much as thier annoying fans) they tend to under preform against bad teams and over preform in bug games (NO & SF). So since a playoff game would be a big game………

    And osiris, I HATE DENVER (both the team and the fans, but…………..even if the starters played the whole game it does not mean anything. Preseason is all vanilla offense and defense. What a team does (play calling wise) in the preseason looks nothing like what they do in week 13.

  14. At home and on PED’s, they are the best. I watched them play the powerhouse Rams a couple weeks ago, not so much.
    Guess we will see this weekend.

  15. The Seahawks were missing nearly 4 offensive linemen during those “struggles” to forget this when
    Giving your assessment of the team is ignorant . Yes teams have injuries and their no excuse but the Seahawks found ways to win,but you try and fault them despite not knowing why they struggled .

    Tell me which team goes 8-1 while missing their all pro Center,probowl Left tackle, enforcer aright tackle ,and love their left guard to left tackle , the only person who was consistent was a second year DT who was converted to guard and is his first seasons starting every game ..tell me which team excels that, yet along which team wins? I’ll wait..

    The answer is none ,not Brady ,Bree’s ,manning , no team can win having out basically 4 of 5 starting offensive linemen ..

    That time the Seahawks played poor record teams but Great front 7’s… Just look at who was across the line against backups of course it was difficult and many Seahawks fans saw this and said many many times .. We’ll just take our line back instead it Percy harvin this year .. Why we’ll my friends, bc Russell Wilson was the most pressured and hurried qb in the nfl and was seeing pressure 40% of all throws …now that the line is back it’s no surprise they are scoring and are 2nd in the nfl in offensive PTs just don’t pass every play so they are credited with a great offense even tho they clearly are .

    Top 2 scoring offense and top 3 scoring defense top 2 special teams ??? This is not fair anyone who doesn’t know this or can’t see what’s happening in the Pacific Northwest is stupid,your all late to the hawks party..

    They are going to the Super Bowl and give this team time to self scout and scout up the offense with those DBS and DL, yeah good chance they get so much pressure they hurt the other qb… The Seahawks are the 3rd youngest team in the nfl it’s just beginning . Yes they’ll lose some of these guys but as you are many toms they are near the top at developing talent and have backups worthy of playing time …they’ll just keep reloading and drafting stars in the 3,4,5 rounds like they have been …

    Seahawks just win games! Go hawks and my rambling ass lol

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