Texans pull Case Keenum, turn back to Matt Schaub

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With an 11th straight loss potentially staring them in the face, the Houston Texans decided to make a change at quarterback once again.

Matt Schaub replaced starter Case Keenum late in the third quarter and quickly led the Texans on a touchdown drive to pull within seven points of the Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday night.

Keenum had completed 16 of 29 attempts for 159 yards with a touchdown and an interception before being replaced. The Jaguars had taken a 24-10 lead over the Texans with just over six minutes left to play in the third quarter. Keenum and the Texans’ offense quickly followed with a three-and-out and head coach Gary Kubiak pulled the plug on Keenum for the Texans’ next possession.

Schaub quickly led the Texans on a seven-play, 76-yard scoring drive capped by a 5-yard touchdown pass to tight end Garrett Graham.

11 responses to “Texans pull Case Keenum, turn back to Matt Schaub

  1. Kubiak should have been fired a month ago. His mini stroke saved him job. The Texans should be trying to get the highest draft pick possible. Instead Kubiak is trying to save his job.

  2. Let’s be honest, Kubiak is very desperate and can’t decide on a QB .. Houston has underachieved. In the beginning the Texans had high expectations of being in the playoffs, maybe even a Super Bowl. Of course injuries have played a role as cause for their losing streak and a long disappointing 2013 season. Case Keenum is the ONLY bright spot for the Texans this season. With the Kubiak in charge, Roger Staubach or Troy Aikman in their prime couldn’t help the Texans, Keenum is a rookie and needs a good supporting cast that isn’t injured. Case Keenum has already proven to everybody that he is a winner.

  3. Case Keenum a proven winner? What are you daft? What game has he won? Typical Texan fan… over rating your players. You probably raved about Schaub last year before he melted to back to what he’s always been… A schlub back up QB that backed up that hack Mike Vick!

  4. Not a Texan fan at all, however Case Keenum is a good QB on a lousy team. Keenum shattered many passing records at Uof H and didn’t get drafted. Besides I’m a Steeler fan who lives in Oklahoma. I wouldn’t root for any team in the state of Texas. They said the same thing about Ben Rothliesberger.

  5. He’s not a good QB yet, might never be one. Bet he’s not in the league in 5 years. Unless he’s dressed up as Toro diving from the rafters at Reliant Stadium.

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