Browns going with Hanie as Campbell’s backup


The Browns were fortunate to get starter quarterback Jason Campbell back after missing time with a concussion.

But for a backup plan, they’re going with a guy who arrived this week.

The Browns deactivated Brandon Weeden (who hasn’t been cleared from his concussion) along with quarterback Alex Tanney for today’s game against the Patriots.

That leaves Caleb Hanie, who signed this week, as the only backup for Campbell.

The way the Browns have cycled through quarterbacks this year, it may be inevitable that Hanie gets in there.


3 responses to “Browns going with Hanie as Campbell’s backup

  1. spare the fans the pain of watching this clown play and just forfeit the game if he has to play. it will be less painful than watching him play or what the final score will be if he takes the field.

  2. What a train wreck. The worst part is that the Browns are probably going to blow a first round pick on a QB in the draft and there’s no good QB’s coming out in this years draft. If they were smart they’d draft O-line, WR, RB, DB and wait till next year to get Mariota or Winston but knowing the Browns they won’t.

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