Keenan Allen scores touchdown, hurts shoulder


The Chargers appear to have picked a winner when they grabbed wide receiver Keenan Allen in the third round this year.

Allen had 58 catches for 843 yards and three touchdowns heading into Week 14 and didn’t wait long to add to those totals. He caught a 43-yard touchdown pass in the first quarter to open up the scoring in San Diego and added another catch, setting a Chargers rookie record, for 12 more yards on the team’s next possession.

That one didn’t end as well for the wideout. Allen headed back to the locker room with a shoulder injury after that catch, robbing the Chargers of their most productive wideout just as the first quarter came to an end.

The Chargers got set up for Allen’s touchdown when Donald Butler intercepted an Eli Manning pass. The interception, which was intended for Rueben Randle and deflected, was Manning’s 19th of the season.