Will Shanahan be fired at halftime?

Getty Images

It started as a joke.  It’s suddenly become a serious topic of conversation and consideration.

With the Redskins trailing the Chiefs 31-0 in the second quarter, could owner Daniel Snyder fire coach Mike Shanahan at halftime?

A showdown already is inevitable after the game, with Shanahan possibly planting a story that hit only a couple of hours before kickoff that Shanahan nearly quit the team in January because of Snyder’s relationship with quarterback Robert Griffin III.

With the team imploding as Snyder surely stews about the situation for the first 30 minutes of football, it’s not all that crazy to think that Snyder will send someone into the locker room to seize Shanahan’s whistle during intermission.

It’s never happened in the NFL.  And it likely never will.  But if there’s ever a situation where it could, it’s happening in D.C. today.