Raiders owner now talking commitment to patience


His father Al, who created the mystique of the Raiders and their “commitment to excellence” — along with a reputation for rash moves — might be spinning in his grave right now.

But Raiders owner Mark Davis said he’s trying to remain patient with General Manager Reggie McKenzie and coach Dennis Allen despite a 4-9 record, saying: “If you’re committed to something, you have to be patient with it.”

While Davis offered no promises during an interview with Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News, he didn’t sound like a man inclined toward blowing his team up — again.

Davis called this the second year of a required two-year “deconstruction of the Raiders,” meaning McKenzie and Allen have to start rebuilding this year. The Raiders have slashed and burned and carried dead money on the cap, leaving a team that has some talented areas but is painfully thin in others.

“We had to do it. It wasn’t fun, but it was something we had to do. And it’s basically complete. That is done. And the re-construction is going to begin right after this season is over,” Davis said. “That’s the thing about this season—at times we’ve shown that there’s something there, and at times we’ve shown that maybe there’s not. There’s progress, if you look at it that way, because it makes the disappointment that much harder.

“When you’ve made some progress, patience is a harder thing to have.”

Davis said he was “very happy” with the job McKenzie’s done so far, but declined to get into specifics when asked about a very big miss on Matt Flynn (who is starting for the Packers after getting a golden parachute from the Raiders).

Of course, McKenzie was also given a near-impossible task, to keep a bad roster competitive without a quarterback. Flynn was never more than a stop-gap, and the fact he cratered so badly might make it easier to rebuild (in the form of a higher draft pick) than if he had worked out for a short-term gain.

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  1. No you don’t. In the NFL you can go from the WORST team to BEST team within ONE season. This is a horrible attitude. If I owned the Raiders then I’m doing everything in my power to make my team the favorite to win the SB next year. If I can’t find a way to win the SB very soon, then I shouldn’t be in this business and sell the team to somebody who does think they can win with it.

    This is really sad to hear about all this new “patience”. So in other words, they have no problem with never winning. That’s just great.

    The next owner should have a “Commitment to Winning No Matter What it Takes”

  2. Mark is 100% correct. Reggie has to completely tear down this roster. This offseason is one of the most important offseasons in team history. I believe Reggie and DA will do good job and we should see significant improvement next year.

  3. They screwed up when they fired Tom Cable for Jue Hackson. Cable finally made that team fight hard and look respectable while finally dragging them to .500 and on an upward trend, even though he was initially saddled with JaMarcus Russell. Pretty sure Cable’s an integral part of what they’re doing up north in Seattle, I read he helped key their turnaround in the ground game and physicality.

  4. Wow, impatient guy before me is impatient.

    The NFL is a simple league. It’s about making your QB comfortable and making the other QB uncomfortable.

    Right now, the Raiders have no quarterback, no weapons, (I’ll give credit where credit is due) an average offensive line on offense. On defense, only Lamarr Houston for now (Sio Moore could develop) can get to the QB when presented with a 1 on 1 matchup.

    Simply, get a Bridgewater/Hundley/Carr in the first round, get him a big target in round two, and MJD in free agency, and a pass rusher somewhere and THEN call for Dennis Allen’s head.

  5. Dan tells Davis, “I’m glad you enjoyed this day out at the park, Marky. I enjoyed it myself, and I wish I didn’t have to take you back to the institution. But I’ll be back next week and we can do it again. O.K., big guy?”.

  6. The Raiders will have another top 10 pick in the 2014 draft. It will be interesting to see how they blow it this time.

    They’ve had 8 top 10 picks over the past decade and what do they have to show for it?

  7. As a fan I’m not going to say Reggie and Dennis will make the Raiders great again, but I will say I like what Mark says. The job interview with Reggie had to cover that this was his plan. The first words out of Reggie’s mouth when he was introduced as GM were something to the effect of, “With all due respect to the history here but, it’s time for a change.” So Mark is at least sticking to the plan. Reggie and Dennis have worked with around 1/3 of their salary cap either wasted on the overpaid, or not even playing for the team. It would really be unfair to not give them even one year at a full strength salary cap. How did constant change work the last few years with Al, and don’t quote me 8-8, who on those teams do you pine for? Changing now would be like hiring a contractor to rebuild your home and firing them after they stripped it down to the studs. Good for Mark.

  8. Both McGloin and Pryor have shown some nice glimpses but Pryor can’t read defenses and McGloin hasn’t had enough time but he has been solid. With the draft being cap friendly the have NO CHOICE but to draft a QB it doesn’t matter how well those two play the rest of the season. I project Manziel to the Raiders.

  9. Reggie Mckenzie got a job that’s almost harder to get than winning the lottery. Only 32 of them in America, and he trusted Dennis Allen over Hue Jackson to help maintain his GM position.

    Hue Jackson is a Head Coach that could have developed, and gotten production out of almost every pick Reggie Mac drafted. People laughed at Al for drafting Ford and DHB. Jackson turned Ford into a formidable WR, and almost turned DHB into a 1000 yard WR(975 yards in 2011). Raiders started catching heat for drafting McFadden and he was considered a bust. Hue Jackson came and turned DMac into the most dangerous back in the NFL.

    Mckenzie was misguided to fire Hue. If he’s content to lose his prized GM job for Dennis Allen, so be it. Raider Nation will survive through this regime to the next one.

  10. lets face it Al Davis never believed in rebuilding a team….he believed in reloading, and believed in taking care of his players by paying them a lot…every year it was the raiders are way over in the cap, but every year Al had players he took care of re-do their contract.

    Reggie wanted to start a new….that is why he got rid of Hue, Amy, and pretty much the entire roster, and front office. As Hue stated way back when “Reggie wants to blow this place up” . That really is what he has done…for better for worse time will tell, but really Raiders had back to back 8-8 non losing seasons (or as the haters will say non winning ) prior to Reggie getting there. So maybe we had to take take two steps backwards , to take three steps forward.

    So for now it’s “Go Raiders, Go Reggie!”

  11. Drafting Joe Hayden was a huge mistake. Play Terelle Pryor at QB is a waste of time and a trick to sell tickets. I would have drafted Tyler Eiffert the ND TE with the first pick. In order for the Raiders to complete the resurrection process they must hit big time in Free agency when the 70 million of dead cap money comes off the books and have a great next 2 drafts. !. Concentrate on building a GREAT offensive line to block for the teams future QB . Draft Javedon Clowney or Jake Matthews next spring. You build championship teams by building great offensive and defensive lines. Matt McGloin should wear lifts in his cletes to gain more height and watch film of Drew Brees in the off season to watch closely how he delivers the football to avoid the ball being batted down. The Raiders should hire Jerry Rice as WR coach and move Pryor to WR and have Rice coach him to become the next Randy Moss .Rice could have great impact on the Raiders WR Corps . Then I would hire Rich Gannon to be the QB Coach and mentor McGloin. In 2 years barring injury McGloin can win with a top notch offensive line in the NFL. Non one can really judge the Raiders until AFTER the 2015 NFL Draft . That is why Mark Davis must be patient and bite the bullet. Mean while he should move back to LA .

  12. The GM here inherited a huge mess and had very little to work with in draft picks to rebuild. I would give them two more years before kicking them to the curb unless next years draft is a total bust. Once they start getting some full drafts and have some cap space I would judge them. Not now during clean up mode.

  13. I have been a Raiders fan for 47 years. They could go 0-16 for ten years & I’d still watch every game. That being said, the last two years have been about dumping players & their salaries. After this season that goal will have been achieved. With our draft picks & fianlly some $$$ to spend on quaility players we can start a rebuilding block. I hope they draft a QB w/ their 1st rd pick. We need a true QB w/ brains as well as size. Sure, Brees has thrived in the NFL, but, he landed in the most perfect spot w/ the right coach & players around him. McGloin reminds me of Jim Zorn. Great at times, but, too many times his hand size disrupts his holding the ball. I.E. Drops snaps & lacks real zip on his throws. (Yes, I know he throws the occasional zip) Pryor will never have the ability to read a defense. I hope they draft A J McCarron. Yes, his #’s don’t run off the charts but, he has the smarts, arm, & leadership quality we’ve been lacking for years. He did set the record for TD’s in a season (30) & went 34-2 as a starter. In the 70’s through the 80’s & early 90’s Al signed players & they came to play. Later, they came & took his $$. I say, give 2 years for Allen, & McKenzie. After all, they’re the ones who had to deal with this cap hell & lousy players.

  14. I believe Reggie knows what he’s doing. Yea, he’s missed on some moves, but they haven’t been of the franchise crippling variety like Jamarcus. I am really looking forward to what he does with the cash and the draft. I’m confident the Raiders are at the turning point.

    I’m not 100% sold on Allen, but think he deserves another season. Give him some talent and depth to work with and then he can really be judged.

  15. Mark needs to test the waters with Gruden. Now is the perfect time. If he comes out of the booth, give him the Head Coach/Executive VP role (similar to what Carroll has in Sea). Keep Reggie as GM and have he & Chucky put their heads together to build a winner. The money & draft can be used for players that are conducive to Chucky’s scheme. He brings instant credibility & is backed by the trust of the Raider Nation.

    I gave DA a chance but he needs to go. When he brought in Knapp last yr I got a bad feeling about his judgement. Now, between the 2nd half collapses & lack of in-game adjustments…I’ve seen enough. Him & his staff had 10 days to prepare for the sorry Jets O and our D looked like (in Woodson’s words) The Bad News Bears. They looked just as bad in the 2nd half against Dallas. Many games this yr have been winnable so I disagree with those that say a lack of roster talent is the main reason DA hasn’t been successful. A coaching change needs to be made & hopefully soon. Either way, us loyal Raider fans deserve better!

    Go Raiders!

  16. Clueless owner with no Football experience thinks Clueless McKenzie is doing a good job LOL. The rest of the AFC West is already adding victories in their win column next year!. Gigantic whiff on Flynn pretty much speaks on the ability of McKenzie to spot talent and sign quality players.His draft picks would not make any roster in the NFL. Luckily for Mckenzie the owner does not know anything about football so he might be able to milk this gift wrapped job for a few more years .

  17. humb0lt says: Dec 11, 2013 4:00 PM

    The Raiders will have another top 10 pick in the 2014 draft. It will be interesting to see how they blow it this time.

    They’ve had 8 top 10 picks over the past decade and what do they have to show for it?
    The Chargers have been in the NFL since 1970. What do they have to show for it?

  18. Right on Vegasgreek… great offensive and defensive lines first. Always build a rock solid foundation, inside out and then layer from there.

  19. Excellent Mark Davis decision to let RM and team build smartly this next year. Anything else would be insanity; just remember Al Davis’s approach to the game and his results since the Raider’s last Superbowl.

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