The Griffin-Cousins fun is only beginning

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As Redskins coach Mike Shanahan continues to agitate his way out of D.C. while inviting further scrutiny of a track record that includes only one playoff victory in 15 years since winning a pair of Elway-and-cap-violations-fueled Super Bowls, reports that Kirk Cousins will get the start at quarterback on Sunday is merely the first step in what could be a day full of D.C. dysfunction.

Shanahan, for example, could still change his mind about shutting Griffin down.  Jay Glazer of FOX has reported that Robert Griffin III will have a chance to state his case to continue playing, an interaction that would have made much more sense before Sunday’s game plan was finalized on Tuesday.

Then comes practice followed by (based on the Tuesday media schedule released by the team) an open locker room session and press conferences from Shanahan and Griffin.

So, yeah, it’s a mess.  And it will only get messier — especially if Griffin at his press conference or other players in the locker room decide to say what everyone outside the organization is thinking regarding Shanahan’s desire to provoke his firing by benching the owner’s alleged BFF.

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  1. so great to see this ship sinking so quickly.

    maybe they can use that top 5 draft choice on an OL to protect that franchise QB..
    oh , wait a second.

  2. The Rams traded RGIII for Michael Brockers, Alec Ogletree and either Jadaveon Clowney or Teddy Bridgewater. Oh and the entire Redskins organization is about to implode. What a worthwhile trade that you’d do again, right Logical?

  3. Griffin would be wise to do something he hasn’t been able to do at all since college: being quiet. He can’t help himself or the situation. If you have to say anything, say the traditional QB2 quote: “I’ll be ready if my number is called to help the team in any way”.

    RGme should file this under “this too shall pass”. Shamahan will be gone in less than a month and Me’s career is really just beginning.

  4. Has anybody thought that Cousins gives them the best chance to win? And maybe the best chance to win in the future, I mean the kid looks pretty solid in the limited action we have seen.

  5. It’s nice that we can continue to pretend that shanahan’s move can’t possibly be explained by any other means except his attempt to get fired. Because griffin has been such an outstanding QB and cousins has absolutely no ability that the Rednecks might want to see/showcase.

  6. Why don’t they just fire him and shut this circus down. Is it because Snyder is going to try and pull and Al Davis and not pay Shanny the remaining year on his contract?

    I’ve said it for years, players make coaches look a whole lot smarter/better than they really are….look at Monte Kiffin and/or Rob Ryan.

  7. My team is on an 11 game losing streak but I’d much rather be the Texans than the Washingtons right now.

    What a dumpster fire of an organization…. and it starts all the way at the top and is burning its way down.

  8. Houston Texans fans, take a good look at this game this week, this is your new coach n QB next year. I believe if that happens n Shanahan goes there with Cousins as his QB and the O line n system already in place since it was his system that Kubiak used with Johnson n foster in place, your looking at the Texans being this years Chiefs.

  9. Shanahan is a moron, right now he is only hurting himself and the fans.

    When Snyder is involved, he won’t flinch just based on principle. Either that or he is trying to give Shan enough rope to hang himself.

    Shan himself said a couple weeks ago that you don’t sit the best players at their positions for reasons other than injury, so if he said that and now shuts Griffin down for the rest of the season it would mean that he either is trying to get himself fired (proof that Danny needs for cause), or he doesn’t believe that Griff is the best QB option (which really makes him look like an idiot VP of operations).

  10. Funny how his Superbowls are watered down to you when so many have done so much worse.

    It’s not like Elway was racking up Superbowls before Shanatan showed up.


  11. Wow. This may have secured Shanahan’s last job in the NFL EVER. To show up your owner like that, in a place where there are only 30 more teams (I excluded Denver and Washington) in a tight knit owners exclusive club.

    Wow. I can’t believe he had the stones to do it. RGIII is still injured and I can’t argue with the move. You admire RGIII for trying, but he is 3/4 of what he was last year.

  12. DRAMA! PASSION! CHAOS! HEARTACHE! These are the “Days of our Lives” (Cue organ music…) Sad how one person at the top can sink a great franchise. A though housecleaning needs to be done, Owner, President, GM, Coach, Team Name… (Frankly if I were Native American I would not want my heritage associated with this mess in any way shape or form)

  13. If Shanahan is trying to get fired. Snyder needs to read The Old Raider Manual of how to get rid of a coach.

    The RAIDER Handbook of cutting ties with a Head Coach. Shanahan and not pay him.
    2.Reassign Shanahan to scouting position until he finishes out his contract.
    3.Identify his new head coach and hire him as O Coordinator and give his coordinators total autonomy of their units(personnel decisions, play calling , and gameplanning) until Shanahan finishes his contract.

  14. Where is that Washington fanatic who always boasted about the deadskins owning Maryland and all that bull? ILLogicalVoice where are you now that your bunch of impostors in burgundy and gold cannot even hold the DC area fans. Did you see that empty stadium? LMAO! Paybacks are hell aren’t they Mr. Illogical Drooler.

  15. Let’s everyone chill out! RGIII is still playing as an average 2nd year quarterback. The problem lies with the horrible defense, OL and especially special teams. For him to win the division last year speaks of his potential(breaks went their way last year, this year no breaks).Get the bogus cap penalty back next year and see wht happens.

    Snyder should break the bank on a very good GM and then let him hire the coach so they are truly on the same wavelength.

    the REDSKINS(yes I used that name) have some very good pieces and could make a turnaround such as KC or Philly has done this year.(The beauty of the NFL)

    To call RGIII the biggest bust in NFL history is just plain ignorant. He has already won a division title and is part of a dynamic offense.

    My moves would be:

    Fire Jim haslett
    Fire special teams guy
    Fire Shanahan and his son.

    Hire Eric Decosta:
    Let him pick his coach.
    Let coach pick his staff.

    Strengthen OL an DL.

    Go from there with a three year plan.

    NFC East can be had next year especially with Thr REDSKINS getting their bogus $18 million cap back. Go for depth to strengthen OL and secondary. Special teams depth will happen because of this.


  16. bucrightoff says:
    Dec 11, 2013 10:13 AM
    The Rams traded RGIII for Michael Brockers, Alec Ogletree and either Jadaveon Clowney or Teddy Bridgewater. Oh and the entire Redskins organization is about to implode. What a worthwhile trade that you’d do again, right Logical?

    147 6

    Looks bad, but isnt that 20-20 hindsight?

  17. @skinsterps

    3 year plan? You’re in for a rude awakening. You’re in for a looooong road to recovery. As long as Dan Snyder wants to act like Jerry Jones Jr, then you’re going to be swimming against the current for a long, long time.

  18. Let the passive agressive comments by RGIII begin. Next week he’ll talk about his comments being taken out of context. Shannahan will feign ignorance. This bs is starting to become cyclical.

  19. The league may have to step in and require pre-approval of future trades involving the Redskins. Pretty sure the NBA had to do this once with an incompetent owner that kept getting robbed. The Rams basically mugged a mentally handicapped kid.

  20. As bad as my Browns quarterback situation is, I’m so glad Mike Holmgren got stiffed on the trade package they offered the Rams. RGIII will be out of the league in 5 years, by either injury or his mouth.

  21. @Skinsterps

    If you really think Eric DeCosta would leave Steve Biscotti for Dan Snyder, you must be drinking from the same water fountain as @Logicalvoicesays.

    Sorry Bro! Your franchise is a disaster…

  22. indytom87 says:
    Dec 11, 2013 10:36 AM
    Tomorrow’s headline: “Shanahan says the Redskin’s name is offensive”.

    I LOL’d…. Nice work.

  23. Good call. See what Cousins can do…or better yet show the league what Cousins can do.

    RGIII is the man of the future. But it won’t hurt to get something of value for Cousins when you have to move him…or if someone knocks offering a nice draft pick.

  24. It seems like a ploy to get back draft picks after trading the house for Griffin. Think about it, Cousins can be their Matt Flynn, play well then trade him or use the excuse they are resting Griffin either way there is an out to this whole debacle.

  25. Eric Decosta is getting the shaft now as he is doing the heavy lifting with no reward etc. Ozzie is going nowhere until his bad contracts(Rice, Haloti, and Flacco start hitting the books) start crippling the Ravens. Two years from now they are done. if not for the refs(especially last week against the Vikings). Look it up! It aint pretty HON!!(balmore reference)

  26. At the risk of suggesting the media doesn’t know what it’s talking about, perhaps Shanny believes his chance to restore his reputation is to have a healthy RG3 and make the playoffs next year.

  27. So instead of constantly reporting on teams way out of the post season hunt, how about you report on teams who are still in? Dalton just won the AFC Offensive POM and no article yet. Who cares about RGIII and Cousins? They have no impact on this season at all now. I’m no Dalton fan but let’s give credit where credit is due and stop dwelling on nobody’s.

  28. Is Shanny going to pull a Coach Tony D’Amato and take RGIII aka Willie Beaman away from the Sharks and take him when he starts the new NFL Franchise in LA in the next couple of years and fool all of us??? Is this disgruntled relationship just a hoax!?!?!? Any Given Sunday I guess. Change is a coming……

  29. 8man says:
    Dec 11, 2013 11:03 AM

    Good call. See what Cousins can do…or better yet show the league what Cousins can do.

    RGIII is the man of the future. But it won’t hurt to get something of value for Cousins when you have to move him…or if someone knocks offering a nice draft pick.
    Or, if Cousins is solid, you trade RG for some picks.

    Why keep a broken down, me first, prima donna? Let him be a problem for some other team.

  30. The running passer fad comes and goes, but a good pocket passer ALWAYS has a place in the NFL.

    Cousins has a much better shot at having a better career than Griffin. RG3 is a media hyped flash in the pan. Cousins may (or may not) be the real deal, but RG3… not so much.

  31. therealsmiley says:

    You people are funny, keep talking about our Redskins.

    Dude nobody’s “talking” about the Washington team. What we are doing is laughing uproariously and derisively as the worst run team in the NFL.

    That statement along makes me just about fall off my chair because I never thought I’d hear myself say than any team was worse run than the Woody Johnson-Tannenbaum/Idzik-Rexy run Jets.

    Wow the state of the Washington team is really sad.

  32. It’s a shame that a once proud and respected franchise has turned into this kind of soap opera. I’m an Eagles fan, I have no dog in this fight. But I’ve always respected the way ( until the Snyder years ), that this organization was run and the success it enjoyed. If you Redskin fans can’t understand the hate you’re getting, you simply need to think ” Logically “. After invading every other teams posts with insulting, taunting, inane comments that made people question his mental state, he has painted a great big bullseye on you folks. I wish you luck in getting your once proud franchise back.

  33. It’s a smart move though. He hasn’t been right all year. Why not take the added rest and improve your draft pick?

    What will 3 weeks do for you RGIII besides maybe hurt you worse considering the amount of sacks you’ve taken this year? Be smart, don’t be one of those foolish pride guys that only cares about how it looks to people on the outside of things.

  34. this is the “shanahan”way. he makes extremely bad/bold decisions, sacrifices his teams chances of winning, all in an effort to prove a point only he deems worthy of proving.

    ie) remember the benching of jake plummer for jay cutler, the broncos were 7-4 and leading the division (had hosted the steelers in the afc championship game year before), and ended up 8-8.

  35. Overheard recently: Snyder “Dammit, we will NOT change the Redskins name as long as we have the ultimate reds-skinned coachie running the show!!! ugh, who smells like a Johnny Rockets hamburger?!?!” Shanny: “Somebody can tell that shifty eyed fantasy owner to eat a nasty deuce from my caboose!!!” Griffin “I still got my Subway money beeechas!!!” secretary on phone “uh, Mr. Snyder, I have a Mr. Haynesworth on the phone, he says his $35 million dollar bonus checked did not clear the bank, or at least someone named Guido-the-Vegas-banker is not accepting it, although he is not clear as to why this took 3 years to notice, so please, just write him another check or Mr. Haynesworth will ‘write sumpin bad’ on his exit survey.”

  36. The Rams will be in a prime position to take Sammy Watkins or Mike Evans with the Skins pick and then bolster their O-Line or secondary with their own pick. What a nice Christmas gift for Les Snead and Jeff Fisher.

  37. The Redskins and the Vikings organizations. Biggest jokes in the NFL. Maybe next year Spielman and Shanahan can get together in the same organization. Hilarious.

  38. All of these so called Redskin haters and RG3 haters I have a question. What have they done to you…jeez yall hate so bad. Plus for as bad as I so called offense is…we are still top 10 in the league. So Kyle cant be but so bad…and RG3 numbers look a hell of alot better than most…so kick rocks

  39. They should start Cousins, why not? If he plays well they can get a high draft pick for him. Griffin isn’t going anywhere

  40. Most Redskins fans have FOOTBALL KNOWLEDGE and are aware that the team needs a new direction and a healthy, NFL capable QB. Hate seeing them all condemned because of one illogical voice that spews nonsense that makes DC politicians seem rational by comparison.

    Not a skins fan here, just speaking the truth.

  41. If the Redskins have a 3 year plan, they can afford to wait for Obama as their coach. He’ll be unemployed then and certainly doesn’t want to take his daughters out of school in DC for the hell hole that the Chicago Public Schools are.

    Only downside is that he’ll need leadership training.

  42. Well let’s see what happens. Clearly Nick Foles is a better QB than Michael Vick. Let’s see if Kirk Cousins will beat out RG III as the franchise quarterback for the Washington Redskins.

  43. skinsterps says – Hire Eric Decosta: Let him pick his coach. Let coach pick his staff.

    Hell to the no on hiring Eric Decosta from us!! Steve and Ozzie would not support that move for his professional growth and development. Why should he desire your team? He’s paid like a GM anyway and is assured of the position.

    The Redskins are career suicide let alone just simply a bad organization since Snyder took over and made it fantasy football game! Snyder will not change thus the Redskins won’t change. Football operations is very similar to military operations and thus there is a chain of command and everyone fufills their rolls and stay in their lanes.

    Otherwise you’re right about everything else about improving your team!

  44. Most of the above anti-RGIII hater-posts miss some important relevant facts: 1. RGIII carried the Redskins on his back to the playoffs last season — he was the difference between last place and a division title; 2. In spite of a devastating knee injury RGIII has adjusted, and is completing over 60% of his passes, even under constant attack; 3. RGIII cannot be blamed for the Redskins’ biggest problems, which are poor offensive line protection, and terrible pass defense; 4. RGIII will be back next year, and the year after that, with far better team assets on his side, and Redskins fans including me will remind you how very wrong you were about RGIII.

  45. bucrightoff says:
    Dec 11, 2013 10:13 AM
    The Rams traded RGIII for Michael Brockers, Alec Ogletree and either Jadaveon Clowney or Teddy Bridgewater. Oh and the entire Redskins organization is about to implode. What a worthwhile trade that you’d do again, right Logical?

    Don’t forget that Michael Brockers pick allegedly would have been Ryan Tannehill if Shanahan had his way.

  46. therealsmiley December 11, 2013, 10:39 AM CST

    They hate because they wanna be us. Let em’ hate…I love it. Hail!

    The cowboys and the rest of the NFL are laughing. the cowboys may be the most mediocre franchise in sports but at least we’re not the worst franchise in the NFL!!! we would never want to be you why would we

  47. I love all these people still bashing the Jets “circus” in reference to the nightmare situation in D.C.

    Despite being projected to be the worst team in the NFL, the Jets have a better record than FIFTEEN other NFL teams…and that’s with half the talent of those other squads.

    People still using the Jets as a punchline should at least wait till they are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, which going into Week 15 was not expected by most jokesters.

  48. nflsecurity862 says:Dec 11, 2013 12:06 PM

    “Who do you think Washington would have selected with that Top 3 pick this year if they still had it?”

    Robert Griffin IV?

  49. Not sure Rams fans should be talking a lot of smack. The Rams STILL suck with all these extra choices. Havent heard a word about Ogletree or Brockers as big time rookies. Don’t forget which team actually won their division last year with the fruits of the deal. Oh AND GOOD LUCK WITH THAT WHOLE BRADFORD THINGY. NOW THERE’S A BUST..

  50. since winning a pair of Elway-and-cap-violations-fueled Super Bowls,

    On behalf of Raider Nation, and most other fans of sports, thank you for speaking the truth. Those “titles” are tainted and have an asterisk.

  51. Looks like McNabb was right about this guy, in a quest to prove a point he’s making himself look totaly clueless and dumb, this should have been done at the beginning not now at 3-10…

  52. 8man says:Dec 11, 2013 11:03 AM

    Good call. See what Cousins can do…or better yet show the league what Cousins can do.

    RGIII is the man of the future. But it won’t hurt to get something of value for Cousins when you have to move him…or if someone knocks offering a nice draft pick.

    I think you got it backwards. Start Cousins so he can show that he’s a better QB for the Redskins then RGMe and while the league still believes Griffin can come back from his injury and be steller get back some of those draft picks you wasted on that 3rd rate Michael Vick. Vick was supposed to be the starter and technically had the better skill set to run the Eagles offense and look what happened… Nick Foles comes in looking like the next Tom Brady and all of a sudden Vick is an after thought. You are FOOLISH to not start Cousins and see what the kids got. When I watched him play he looked like a more complete QB then Griffin but…. whatever… Keep RGMe and continue the downward spiral D.C.. Whatever floats your boat!

  53. It’s like watching Jerry Springer.

    For the die-hard skins fans defending their team and griffin, let me see if I can somehow detail some of the reason why there’s a lot of hate.

    First off, a certain poster who, not only posts on skins articles but spews his own hate on other teams stories, declared a string of SB’s starting with this season, enough said.

    Second, I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the egos not only running the team but also playing for the team (hint, hint: “I was never concerned of losing my job to my backup”).

    Third, there’s always one team that becomes the laughingstock of any given season. It just really makes it easy to hate on the skins because of the SB proclamations and predictions a lot of you guys have made after one (now seemingly) fluke of a season.

    So yeah, I’m talking some smack but I’m also entertained by the headlines out of DC. It’s really like witnessing a train wreck, I just can’t keep my eyes off of it.

  54. Can you morons ever have an original thought. “Good thing they get a top pick . . . oh wait!” LOL. “Hey, hey guys, DUMPSTER FIRE!” TEE HEE. Hey how bout this one! RGME! Tee hee. He threw that guy under the bus! Man, I’m good.

  55. beedubyatoo:

    Yeah, but he’ll make sure every player takes a pay cut and makes exactly the same amount of money and they’ll also have to stipend some of their pay to football players who weren’t good enough to play in the NFL. Can’t have them feel badly about themselves.

  56. You have a rookie of the year Pro Bowl quarterback and a coach with multiple Super Bowl rings as a coordinator and a head coach and somehow Dan Snyder has to meddle and screw it up.

  57. Why Washington stinks:
    PROBLEM #1: Coach stinks and has given up
    SOLUTION: Hire a good coach

    PROBLEM#2: Griffin has regressed and is getting knocked around
    SOLUTION: Fix the O line and coach him up

    PROBLEM #3: Incompetent owner
    SOLUTION: There is no solution because he’s not selling the team

    Washington will never be a contender with Snyder leading the franchise. Somebody has to finish last.

  58. For all the people hating on RG3, there are probably 24 teams in the league that would trade their starting QB player for player in a heartbeat.

    I’m a Vikings fan, so of course we would take a Jugs machine at this point, but he’s still a good player.

    I don’t like his attitude at times, but I think in a better situation he would not only be great on the field, but better off of it as well. IE, imagine if he was in New England. Bellicheck would whip him into shape.

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