Keenan Allen’s 2 TDs helps lift Chargers to win over Broncos

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Peyton Manning spent this week railing against the narrative that he can’t win games in cold weather.

Thursday night against the San Diego Chargers, Peyton Manning again lost in cold weather.

The usually high-powered Broncos’ offense was held to less than 300 yards of total offense by the Chargers on a chilly night in Denver. With temperatures into the 30s, Manning went 27 of 41 for 289 yards and two touchdowns. However, a late interception led to a field goal by Nick Novak to give the Chargers a two-score lead with 2:36 left to play.

Manning’s pass for Julius Thomas was deflected by Corey Liuget and picked off by Thomas Keiser at the Denver 33-yard line. San Diego managed one first down before a 35-yard field goal from Novak gave the Chargers a 27-17 lead.

Manning led the Broncos to a 42-yard field goal from Matt Prater to pull within a touchdown but an onside kick attempt failed to travel the required 10 yards and the Chargers were able to run out the clock.

The Broncos scored a touchdown on their opening possession but were held to just a field goal until the fourth quarter.

San Diego scored 21 straight points with two touchdown passes from Philip Rivers to Keenan Allen to give the Chargers a 24-10 lead.

Manning hit Andre Caldwell for a 5-yard touchdown, his second of the night, to pull within a touchdown. The Broncos defense held to give Denver a chance to tie before Manning’s interception ended those hopes.

Ryan Mathews had one of his best games for San Diego in the win. He carried 29 times for 127 yards and a touchdown for the Chargers.

80 responses to “Keenan Allen’s 2 TDs helps lift Chargers to win over Broncos

  1. Manning MVP? ……not

    Manning greatest QB? ……not

    Manning egg on face again? ………yes absolutely

    Dome quarterback with inflated stats, as soon as real weather sets in he wets himself.

  2. What does Manning care if they lost? He got a couple more TD passes. He has always been about the stats, not the wins.

  3. Well done San Diego, DVOA only gave you a 3.2% chance of making the playoffs and actually DECREASED your percentage by 0.5% after your win last week. Maybe now they will respect your math chances!

  4. In a post earlier, I said to start Jacob tamme due to Wes Welker’s absence. I was totally wrong & thought it’d be refreshing for one of “those guys” to admit when he was wrong. But seriously, don’t follow my fantasy advice.

  5. Another big game, another big choke from Peyton.

    But hey, he threw 2 TDs. All he and his fans care about is regular season stats anyway. 9-11 in the postseason, truth hurts.

  6. Game ball should go to Ryan Mathews. Guy has gotten A LOT of criticism, but no one wants to talk about how good he has been playing. If he doesnt show up today like he did, the chargers dont win.

  7. K.A. is the truth, V-Jax 2.0 with a little more elusiveness in the open-field (returned punts at Cal). What a pick this guy is – they get another threat on the other-side and its Charged-Up Offense and 5000 yard seasons again for P-Rivers.

  8. Come on, that was a sloppy attempt at pulling off the Brady-Gostkowski ending to the Patriot/Bears game, and they had over a minute less with no time outs.

  9. Manning and the Broncos were in playoff form tonight.

    Sarcasm aside, Denver’s defense stinks and Manning has never led a team to a Super Bowl win, (don’t bring up 2006, he threw three touchdowns and seven interceptions during his “run”) the AFC is so weak it’s really anybody’s game at this point. I could see pretty much anybody coming out of this conference. It’ll all be about who plays the best in January. Not who the media claims is the team to beat right now.

  10. The Broncos will likely fall in a similar fashion come playoff time. The Chargers looked good tonight, kind of makes you wonder where they’ve been all year. If the Ravens don’t get in I hope the Chargers do. The dolphins will surely be one and done but the chargers could actually do something.

  11. This broncos team is way overrated. They’re just really good at beating up terrible teams. 1 and done is on the horizon if they don’t check those mighty egos from the coaching staff on down.

  12. Congratulations to the underrated San Diego Chargers.

    At least… most of San Diego’s wins were against good teams (11-3 Denver, 10-3 Kansas City, 8-5 Philadelphia, 8-5 Indianapolis)

    “ELITE” joe flacco and the ravens have wins against 2-11 Houston, 3-9-1 Minnesota, 7-6 Miami, 6-7 NY Jets and losses against 4-9 Cleveland, 4-9 Buffalo, 5-8 pittsburgh, 6-6 Green Bay.

  13. Yes, blame it on the Peyton vs cold and not mention that Rivers is now 6-2 against the Broncos playing in Denver.

  14. I knew watching the first two games of the season, even though they lost, the Chargers had a good football team. The loss to the Bengals surprised me but on a good day they can compete with anyone. They dominated this game and didn’t choke it away like they did a few games earlier this year. They could easily be 9-5 with a hold on the last wild card spot. They weren’t far off from possibly making it a three way chase for the division. It’s always tough when a former coordinator comes to town as a head coach. He’s always got the advantage. Plus Fox just got back. Still….it just looks like they’ve been able to mask some weaknesses up to this point, and now that it’s late in the season and games are more meaningful, it’s starting to show. They may still be the most statistically dynamic team in the AFC, but they are going to be like Goldilocks. Everything is going to need to be “Juuust Riiight.”

    Back in 2007, every analyst in the country was working 24×7 trying to figure out and then publicize how to stop the NE Patriots. Denver has enjoyed a much more media friendly season than NE did. There’s been no such campaign against Denver. It’s been all bouquets and puppy dog kisses from the media. No excuses there…. Let’s stop the comparisons. There is none.

    I’m not gonna comment much on Manning or the weather except that it’s 30 degrees with no precipitation and no wind chill. Hardly tough conditions. Low T perhaps? Doh!!! Stick THAT where the sun don’t shine!

  15. Oh , well . . . so much for Denver being the number one seed . . . that’s going to be the Patriots now , unfortunately.

  16. “The Broncos defense held to give Denver a chance to tie before Manning’s interception ended those hopes.”

    Rather, the Broncos D sucked, by giving up 160+ yards on the ground and being on the field for 38 minutes.

  17. Ive said it before, and Ill say it again. Denver’s D will hurt them when it counts the most. And I am still not convinced that Manning can play great every week when the weather is cold. He did it last week, but he has never been consistent in the cold.

  18. And the football gods come correct in December.

    “stick it where the sun don’t shine”

    Peyton can’t play under the lights?

  19. I doubt Peyton will be pushing any panic buttons. He’s a veteran player that knows he’s still got two more games to get Brady’s record for touchdown passes in a season and there won’t be any points deducted if they are of the 3-5 yard variety.

  20. Epic choke by the Donkos tonight.

    Think Manning will again hear whispers that he can’t win in the cold!?!


  21. Haha Donkeys! I bet you thought you had this one in the bag! History has shown Super Bowl winners tend to get hot at the end of the season which is exactly what you arent doing. I wouldnt get my hopes up too much. You probably wont make it past the first round of the playoffs. Especially if you cant beat the hapless Chargers.

  22. Just got home from game. No other way to put it other than colossal fail for Broncos! Terrance Knighton claimed today that Thursday games were worthless and all 53 Broncos played as such. With Welker sidelined, Broncos attempted to showcase Andre freakin Caldwell. He was inactive practically every game last year. Where was Jacob Tamme? Our D is pathetic. There is nothing like giving up home field on your home field.

  23. Impressive win for the Chargers, but such a weird season… Beat the Chiefs, Broncos, Colts, Eagles, yet lose to the Redskins, Raiders, Texans and Titans.

  24. Nice to see Mathews get reps without the injuries.
    Kid plays the game super hard…I like seeing guys like him succeed.

    Keenan Allen may end up being the steal of the 2013 draft…3rd round…already the best wide-out tool Rivers has…

  25. Hey Donkos Fans! The Superbowl this year is in NY, outside. High chance of cold, inclement weather in a huge game…. Slip sliding away, Slip sliding away….

  26. After reading the “railing against the narrative” link….Why does the defense of Peyton Manning by the Manning Apologists so often start with an attempt to knock down Tom Brady rather than something factual about Manning? That’s chicken spit.

  27. Blaming this game on Peyton is ridiculous he did his job the defense and coaching staff didn’t. Compile that with a few key injuries and an opposing coach who knows your system from experience and you get a loss and lose the #1 seed to the freakin’ Patriots

  28. Great play-calling by Whiz. Deserves some credit for this win. He was able to beat Jarhead as the Steeler OC when it counted.

  29. Love Brad Nessler calling Peyton Manning the “greatest QB of our generation.” Right. Except when its cold out. Except in the postseason. Except when he plays Brady. Other than that, yeah. Greatest ever. As long as the weather is nice, he has a ton of talent around him, and doesn’t play one of the other greatest QBs ever (Brady, Brees), then he’s awesome

  30. The weather has been unusually cold this year, It’s normally January before Peyton freezes up.

    The main thing is that the voting for the Pro Bowl is almost over, right?


  31. You follow up “Peyton Manning again lost in cold weather” with how he had 2 TDs, completed 66% of his passes and is lone INT was due to a deflection. Rivers completed 60% of his passes and had 2 TDs also, but he won so I guess he’s a good cold weather QB?

    Blaming the Broncos loss on cold weather minimizes the efforts made by the Chargers defense. Let’s put that argument to rest.

  32. Ok, Not a Peyton Manning jock sniffer, but at least tell the truth about his interception. Mannings pass was NOT deflected, his throwing shoulder was hit during the throw. Pass never had a chance.

  33. Follow up. Keenen Allen is giving it his best shot for Rookie of the year. If he keeps putting up numbers like he has the last few weeks and the Chargers make the playoffs, I think he has a good shot at the award.

  34. I remember when Manning signed with Denver and all the Broncos fans had this arrogant idea that he was the FINAL piece in their championship picture.


    36 Million dollars and 2 years later, I think Elway and the fans are just starting to taste the snake oil crust on the PeyMe Pie.



  35. I saw a previous post blaming injuries for Denver’s loss. INJURIES? What team doesn’t have injuries this time of the year? Geez you can put an all-star team together of Patriots injuries, and they have been dealing with them all season. All Pro’s? How about Wilfork, Kelly, Mayo, Gronk. Pro bowlers? Amendola, Talib. Stud youngsters? How about Shane Vereen.

    Save the whining about injuries. EVERY team has to deal with them, and Denver has been one of the healthiest teams this season. Don’t give me Champ Bailey being out either, that guy was over the hill 5 years ago.

  36. Sucks to be a hater who doesn’t appreciate the fact that we get to watch some of the best quarterback play EVER thanks to Peyton Manning. The guy’s football IQ is off the charts and his campaign this year has been unbelievable. Since my team is out, I’m pulling for the Broncos to win it all.

    The Broncos did NOT lose because of Peyton yesterday, even with that pick. They lost because their defense couldn’t get off the field and when they had opportunities to, they committed stupid penalties on D and special teams that gave the ball back to San Diego.

    Plus give some credit to Mike McCoy and the Chargers. They played an awesome game. I hate Rivers but I can admit he played great last night.. nice to see Ryan Mathews finally contributing too. Amazing that Knowshon Moreno, Donald Brown, and Ryan Mathews are all role players on playoff or playoff-contending teams.. maybe give players a few years before you label them busts (see: Richardson, Trent. Wilson, David. Ingram, Mark.)

  37. After reading the “railing against the narrative” link….Why does the defense of Peyton Manning by the Manning Apologists so often start with an attempt to knock down Tom Brady rather than something factual about Manning? That’s chicken spit.

    Funny, because I think the opposite is true. Why does the criticism of Manning always involve how much he sucks in comparison to Brady?

  38. NOT a bronocs fan, but this manning hate is absurd.

    1) It was 42 degrees at gametime. That is not a cold weather game, espcecially in December.

    2) They were 11-2 going into the game against 3rd place 6-7 San Diego. How is that a “big game”?

    The guy is a great player, all this choke artist stuff is ridiculous.

  39. So funny to see donkey fans making excuses. Let’s see, it wasn’t because it was cold, it wasn’t Manning, it wasn’t anything to do with reality.

    7-7 Chargers beat you, across the board. It wasn’t close for the last 3 quarters. You overpaid for a QB after a decent team was built all while ignoring your defense. Yet you got a playoff win with one who is current unemployed. That change in team chemistry is why you choked, but you bet the farm on him.

    McDaniels > Fox.

    KC and SD will own this division for the next 3-4 years. Denver peaked about week 10 and will continue to descend.


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