Rob Ryan saw Saints as “perfect spot” even before job became open


After Rob Ryan was fired by the Cowboys, he boasted that he’d be out of work for “like five minutes.”  It took a while longer, but Ryan made up for it by working for the Rams for “like five minutes.”

Yes, the 3-4 specialist initially took a job with the Rams, who run a 4-3.  It apparently ended up being a safety-net position until the job Ryan really wanted became available.

Via Larry Holder of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, Ryan explained Friday that he targeted the Saints as soon as he was fired by the Cowboys — even though the Saints still had a defensive coordinator.  Ryan called former Saints offensive line coach Aaron Kromer to try to get a foot in the door with a team that, like the Rams, had been using a 4-3.

“I said, ‘Hey man, I don’t know what’s going to happen there, but can you talk to Sean [Payton]?’ Well he couldn’t,” Rob Ryan said, referring to Payton’s one-year suspension, which as of early January hadn’t been lifted.  “Nobody could.  So I was like damn because that would be the perfect spot for me.”

So, basically, Ryan tried to get a job another man had, before abandoning another job after that man was eventually fired.

While Rams coach Jeff Fisher said this week that Ryan “made a commitment” to St. Louis, Ryan said he had signed nothing.

“Getting fired in Dallas was a shock to my system, and I was a little pissed off,” Ryan said. “I took a job with the Rams and hadn’t had anything signed and then just from being there and finding out the direction of how they wanted to do things, it was my obligation not only to me but to them to just walk away and look for something different.”

The unanswered question is whether Ryan knew he had something different in hand before ditching the Rams.  Payton was reinstated in January, and his first order of business was to fire Steve Spagnuolo on January 24.  Later that same day (coincidentally or not), final word emerged that Ryan had struck a deal with the Rams.

Five days later, the Rams announced that Ryan wouldn’t be the team’s defensive coordinator.  Roughly a week after that, Ryan was the new defensive coordinator in New Orleans.

It has worked out well for the Saints.  The Rams, in contrast, have struggled on defense — especially against the pass.

While everyone is saying all the right things as a game between the Rams and Saints approaches, the visit from Ryan gives Fisher a chance to take out any possible lingering frustrations he may have as a result of Ryan’s short-term stay with the team.

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  1. He should be talking about how he can help the Cowboys beat the Packers this week. Or at least that’s what JJ thinks.

    Here’s the cliffnotes on how to beat the Packers… Take Ernie Sims out of the game and then you will cut your problems in half (you do have a replacement LB right, ok good otherwise that’s a problem). It’s all about playing the odds.

  2. Cool as hell…….Rob. Glad you are on board with my Saints now but when it was announced I was less than pleased. I just thought you was a” Blow Hard” because of that joke in Dallas but now I see several Lombardi’s coming our way when you finally get to bring in some new hitters that fit your scheme. We have not seen the best yet… NFL.

  3. I know I express the thoughts of ALL Saints’ fans and just about anyone who lives in New Orleans or nearby: The Silver-Haired One is a celebrity! Not only a great coach and a perfect fit for the Saints but a cause celeb everywhere. He cannot buy a drink anywhere around. He may not be able to buy a drink the rest of his life, as long as he stays with New Orleans.

    We know how bad the defense can be. Worst than the days of paper bags over the heads and “Aints.” The worse defense in the history, IN THE HISTORY of the NFL. That hurts, that is as bad as it can get.

    We were hoping that maybe Rob could help us get up a few notches, maybe to middling in the NFL defenses, maybe not embarrassing. That is the best you can hope for when you have the worse in the history of the NFL and it is only last season, so Coach only had a few months to work on almost the same personnel as last season.

    Rob Ryan’s defense this season has made at least several wins for the Saints possible, if not all the wins.

    Keep up the great work Coach Ryan. The Saints are a good fit for you and you are a good fit for us!

  4. Jeff Fisher getting reunited with the Ryan family would’ve been awesome. you’d think that their defensive philosophies would be the same

  5. Who wants to be stuck in bumbleville St. Louis with like a 2-14 team when you can be in mardi gra New Orleans with a SB contender team? It’s a no-brainer.

  6. It took guts to change defensive coordinators that quick. Ryan is doing a great job. My problem is special teams. Year after year we give up big plays and do nothing ourselves. I’m sorry but we need a big change there. All I want for Christmas is a much improved special teams!

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