Eli Manning takes NFL interception lead

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The quarterbacks that play their home games at MetLife Stadium were tied for the most interceptions in the league entering Week 15, but Eli Manning is doing his best to make sure he ends the week with first place all to himself.

Manning has been intercepted twice by the Seahawks in the first half at the Meadowlands on Sunday. Byron Maxwell picked Manning off in the first quarter when he outfought Victor Cruz for a ball that could have gone either way. Richard Sherman was responsible for Manning’s 22nd interception of the season on an underthrown ball to Hakeem Nicks in the second quarter.

Your move, Geno Smith.

The Seahawks couldn’t turn the first pick into points as Russell Wilson was sacked on third down after a delay of game, leaving the Seahawks with the 3-0 lead they picked up on their second possession of the game. Marshawn Lynch was able to ram the ball into the end zone from 2 yards out after Sherman’s interception, however, and it is 10-0 Seahawks with 5:30 to play in the second quarter.

8 responses to “Eli Manning takes NFL interception lead

  1. The Minnesota Vikings impending dynasty will hit the NFL by storm, but don’t say you didn’t hear it here first.

    Talent wise, we have the best team in the NFL and arguably one of the best teams of all time (other than QB).

    Once we draft our franchise QB (and we will) multiple superbowls will be coming to Minneapolis. They are setting themselves up to dominate the NFC for the decade.

    Every team will start trying to emulate the Vikings in every way.
    Every fan will be jealous of Vikings nation.
    Every owner will be jealous they don’t own a historic future dynasty team like the Vikings.
    Every coach will fear traveling to Minneapolis to face the best team to ever play.
    Every other teams players wish they’d have been drafted by the superior Vikings roster.
    Every GM will wish they had the drafting smarts that Rick Spielman has.

  2. Ring Ring
    “Hi is this the 1 o’clock game?”
    “This is the Giants calling.”
    “Again! Look I changed my number and my day of the week, you gotta stop phoning me.”
    Hangs Up.

  3. Boy he stinks. I bet NYC wish the giants selected roethlisberger. 189 passes without an interception. That leads the league. Kudos to Haley’s great play calling.

  4. I’m truly disappointed in you Eli. As a 49er fan I was hoping you guys wouldn’t mail it in.

    It’s time to shut you down for the year and see what Curtis Painter has in the tank.

  5. BTW, is the an award given to the QB that throws the most interceptions? The can call it “The Blanda Award.”

    George Blanda owns this prestigious award for 35 in one year. Our friend Eli should surpass his personal record of 25 in 2010.

    You can do it my friend! Try for at least 30!

  6. I have had with this guy.. That stupid look on his face.. A million picks.. I appreciate the two super bowls but lets face it he had great defense that won them.. Two years with playoff wins and a last name that got him mvps.. I want them to draft a qb and groom him behind our pick magnet.. And get rid of coughlin while were cleaning house.. Go gmen!!!

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