Jets and Panthers trading field goals in first half

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The Panthers aren’t playing an offense the caliber of the Saints’ this week, but settling for field goals is becoming a disturbing recent trend for them.

After failing to convert a pair of red zone chances last week, allowing New Orleans to charge back and dominate a game, the Panthers are leaving chances on the table yet again.

A pair of Graham Gano and Nick Folk field goals have the Panthers and Jets tied 6-6 just before halftime.

The Panthers had been in the league’s top five in red zone offense, but having the same problems the last two weeks when they’re fighting for a playoff berth is a troubling trend for an offense that still doesn’t have a big margin of error.

UPDATE 5:09 p.m. ET: The Panthers figured out how to solve the red zone problems, with Cam Newton hitting DeAngelo Williams for a 72-yard screen pass touchdown and a 13-6 lead.

2 responses to “Jets and Panthers trading field goals in first half

  1. Couple of things I took away from the first half
    1) Geno can perform when given time
    2) Milliner is playing a decent game, aside from that D will run hes holding his own
    3) Rex needs to swallow his pride and bench Reed and Cro
    4) Richardson is still a stud with insane motor
    5) Nelson is worth a training camp spot
    6) We need to scheme around Kerley right now
    7) We need competition for Winters
    9) We need a receiving back besides Goodson
    10) Panthers are scary.

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