Rams rolling over Saints at halftime


The last time the Saints visited the Rams, they found themselves down 17-0 at halftime on their way to a loss that would help keep them from getting a home game in the second round of the playoffs.

Things have unfolded in a familiar way in St. Louis this Sunday. The Rams jumped out to a 17-0 lead after two Drew Brees interceptions and added a 40-yard Zac Stacy touchdown run to build a 24-3 lead after the first two quarters. Should things hold in the second half, the Saints will have lost any chance at home field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs.

St. Louis has gotten 106 rushing yards from Stacy, an efficient performance from Kellen Clemens and some good gains after the catch by their receivers to keep the pressure on the Saints defense. That probably lessens any hurt feelings about the way Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan handled his flirtation with the Rams job this offseason.

Those two interceptions are evidence that Brees has had a tough time getting on track and he’s not getting much help from his teammates. The Saints offensive line has had a hard time holding off a Rams pass rush led by defensive end Robert Quinn, leading to sacks and penalties that have helped keep the Saints from getting the ball into the end zone.

13 responses to “Rams rolling over Saints at halftime

  1. We’re not winning anything this year. We’ll be knocked out by SF again. We’re soft. No run game, No run D, No turnovers, O-line penalties every game, No corners outside of Lewis, Outside of Kenny below average safeties, Average Linebackers.

  2. Every team has a home field advantage, but the Saints are making a mockery of that old saying. How a team can look so unbeatable at home, and then so thouroughly mediocre on the road is ridiculous. These guys lost to the frickin’ JETS!

  3. Rams are the youngest team in the NFL. We’ve had a lot of draft picks the past two years from trading down in the 1st so much. Thanks Washington.

  4. Sorry to see the mediocre effort, play calling, play execution, defensive lapses, poor play by Brees, and all. This does not show well for the Saints going ahead. Maybe this is just a blip. We’ll see.

  5. Until the rams get consistent play from wr and the qb they won’t make the next step imo… Why?? They are young yes but not much younger than #3 youngest team the seahawks… And the seahawks are wayyy more talented at this point.. The rams are closing that gap.. I honestly believe they should draft a qb… Tired of the excuses for Bradford… He simply not a winner.. His replacement although not as talented is a winner… Sometimes it just comes to winning mentality at that position… Good work Washington made it that much more difficult for the NFCW teams.

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