Union will study low hits in offseason


Plenty of players have complained in recent years about low hits.  Most would rather take a high hit (and a possible concussion) when defenseless than a low hit (and a possible knee injury).

Collectively, the players have not yet made a push to expand protections for defenseless receivers to include low hits.  Per a league source, the NFLPA plans to study after the season ends all data regarding knee injuries before deciding whether to make a push for the establishment of a strike zone.

Even if the players don’t ask for it, the league may do it anyway.  Albert Breer of NFL Network has reported that the Competition Committee will consider in the offseason protecting defenseless receivers against being struck below the thigh.

The ability to hit opponents low helps smaller players take out bigger players.  Over the past four decades, however, the NFL has periodically and systematically restricted the situations in which a player can strike another player low.

As Breer points out, the lower limit to a strike zone wouldn’t have protected Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, who was running in the open field when hit low and necessarily not defenseless.  Of course, Gronkowski wasn’t protected against a high hit in that situation, either.  But when he’s running in the open field few defensive backs can deliver a high hit to a guy that tall.

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  1. A potential solution could be that they get rid of the 5 yard bump rule and allow defenders to contact offensive players down the field. Then maybe you won’t have defenders getting head starts to lay big low hits as the ball arrives.

    I’d love to hear other opinions on this.

  2. People who say just hit the mod section forget that offensive players drop their sholders to where tje mid section is. So tackling the waste is eleminated for the most part. Take the legs out and football will have no defense and no fans by 2020(if not sooner) and this great sport we all love will be gone. Bye bye football. It was nice while it lasted. Soon to be attacked to dust os nhl

  3. TJ Wards hit on Gronk will go down in the annals in NFL history as a dirty hit with a deliberate attempt to injure. The NFL simply can’t allow hits like that to the knee to happen. It’s embarrassing.

  4. When are they going to look at flagging/fining quarterbacks for making careless throws that lead receivers into dangerous and potentially injurious collisions?

  5. Ok Roger, we know where you’re heading…..Easy solution-take the helmets off! No more spearing, no more “hitting a defenseless receiver” etc…

  6. gronk could have and should have avoided that hit

    we see tons of offensive players jumping over low tackles from DBs, and rob was about 2 miliseconds too slow because he sees the hit coming and tries to lift his legs in the air but gets caught at the last second


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