Dolphins announce Incognito’s suspension continues


As expected, Richie Incognito will remain suspended by the Dolphins until the conclusion of the NFL’s investigation into his alleged bullying of teammate Jonathan Martin, which isn’t expected to be completed until the offseason.

“The Miami Dolphins and Richie Incognito have agreed to maintain his suspension during the ongoing NFL investigation,” the team said in a terse statement released on Monday afternoon.

The fact that Incognito has agreed to continue the suspension is important because teams aren’t allowed to just suspend players indefinitely. Incognito’s suspension has already exceeded the maximum allowable four games, but Incognito is choosing not to fight it.

Incognito has been suspended for six games and now appears set to miss the final two, plus any postseason games the Dolphins may play. Martin has missed the last seven games since leaving the team because of alleged mistreatment.

22 responses to “Dolphins announce Incognito’s suspension continues

  1. Good. I supported Cogs and still do, but this team is peaking without him or Martin. Incognito may have graded well as an OL, but it is now clear he failed as teammate and as captain of the team. The Dolphins are playing better without him. So long Cogs.

  2. They are playing better without either of them! More than anything, that says something about Incognito.

    But if paying these guys not to show up is what they needed to be winners, the Dolphins should have made them both sit out the entire season.

  3. This could be leading to a resigning at a lower cost. Or just having him back next year. He’s a probowler why not spare us another linemen in the draft so we can get some playmakers?!

  4. And it continues, Brian Hoyer hit while sliding out of bounds, out for the season no flag no fine…. Ravens DB on film laying on Gregg Little with both hands firmly around his throat, No flag no fine ….. Jason Campbell takes a right hook to the head while in the pocket no flag.
    A 350LB football players has hurt feelings OFF THE FIELD OF PLAY ? The world comes apart…..

  5. So they think they’re better off without one of their team leaders who was a pro-bowler last year? Clearly this decision wasn’t made by the football people!

  6. Incognito should be paid. Martin has been paid. Martin’s complaint of a hostile work environment against a weak-minded rookie is without precedent in the NFL. Incognito tried to be a leader of the OL but he is not leadership material. The incident on the golf tournament is the real reason Cog cannot be brought back. Sexual harassment and battery of a female volunteer is inexusable.

  7. He is not fighting it because he is not really suspended. Suspensions are without pay. Incognito is getting paid so at worst he is inactive.

  8. We need incognito, end this suspension
    On a totally unrelated subject, why on earth is there a whole section of this app devoted to Notre Dame???

  9. Time for Incog to fight it. If he is guilty of nothing he should be able to play. If they don’t want him on the team let him go. Can’t have both. Time for lawyers to start asking why?

  10. Not being able to practice, travel, and play with your team when you are healthy is quite a price to play when you are actually a player. That’s why this hurts Incognito more than Martin because you could tell by his play he always wanted to be out on the field.

    Hope the Patriots pick him up

  11. Hmmm. Let’s see. The Dolphins were 4-3 before Icognito/Martin and now they are 8-6. So the 4-3 since they were 4-3 is better than the 4-3 before they were 4-3. Or something like that. But much better, yes. Because bullying,

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