Rex Ryan: I’m the right guy to coach the Jets

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The Jets were officially eliminated from playoff contention with the Ravens victory on Monday night, leaving little more to focus on with the team in the final two weeks than Rex Ryan’s job security.

Making the playoffs would almost certainly have assured his return in 2014, but things still feel like they could break either way. While the Jets have been more competitive than just about anyone believed heading into the season, Geno Smith’s rocky rookie year hasn’t done much to rehab Ryan’s rep as a coach who can’t develop quarterbacks and the drop from 5-4 to 6-8 featured some ugly blowouts that don’t help his cause.

Ryan also wasn’t hired by General Manager John Idzik, which can be a precarious position for a coach to find himself. None of that has shaken Ryan’s belief that he’s the right man for the job with the Jets.

“I’m a competent guy, even though I know that’ll be questioned a zillion times forward and backward,” Ryan said, via the Newark Star-Ledger. “That’s fine. But I know I’m a good football coach. I believe in this team. I believe in this organization. And I’m determined to bring a winner to this team. There’s no question about it. And I believe that I’m the right guy for it. I’m not the guy making that decision. If I was, it would be easy. I think that this team is on the right path. It might not be reflected in our record right now. I understand that. But I believe this team is going in the right direction.”

Based on both words — guard Willie Colon said Ryan’s departure would be a step backward for the organization — and the way the Jets have played for much of this season, Ryan hasn’t lost the locker room. If those players can finish with wins against Cleveland and Miami, it would be a point in Ryan’s favor when the final decision is getting made.

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  1. I like it when the Jets lose. I love it when they’re a complete laughingstock.

    So…I agree with Rex. He’s the perfect person to coach the Jets. I hope they extend him in perpetuity.

  2. Wow, he said he’s determined to bring a winner to this team, instead of bringing a winner, teach your team how to be winners, smh

  3. Agreed Rex, although I think you could step into that role in Dallas & Detroit without missing a beat.

  4. Because every circus needs a ringleader…
    Signed, Dolphins fan

    (Ryan has surprised me at times this season with how well he has had this play, I didn’t expect more than 3 wins. Ultimately this team has a lack of talent that needs to be addressed by those who made those choices. As a ‘fin fan I’m not looking forward to the mess that is the Jets to be fixed soon, so please keep Rex)

  5. .

    Rex is an unusually easy target. Think Goodyear blimp vs rocket propelled grenade. However, the truth is his record is better than what they refer to as a roster.

    If you put the whole Jets team on waivers, they’d lose 6 guys.

  6. Why would Rex want to continue to coach the Jets when he can move on to another team, and win imaginary Super Bowls with them?
    There are 31 other teams, that he can “Wrecks”.

  7. I couldn’t agree more Rex, it’s a match made in heaven! You’re a buffoon, and the Jets are a joke!

  8. I have to agree with Rex on this. There are no sure fire hot coaching candidates coming out this year like Chip Kelly, Mike McCoy, Andy Reid, or Gus Bradley.
    The best candidates that are out there this year are defensive minded coaches just like Rex Ryan.

    The smartest thing for John Idzik to do is to give Rex another chance and build an offense just like he did in 2009-2011 and see what happens.. if he gets you to the playoffs extend him during the playoffs if he completely bombs let him walk without having to pay the buyout.

  9. Rex is a good defensive coach but lacks the experience needed in offence. He’s had four years and has shown that drafting great players isn’t his forte. Sorry Rex but you don’t get my vote. You’re a nice guy and very entertaining but with all due respect, you’re not head coach material.

  10. I am sorry to say this but I think its true that we’ll never be consistent contenders for the division no less the Super Bowl with Ryan at the helm. The game Sunday was a microcosm of the bigger dynamic under Rex. Always a leak in the dike somewhere! Plugging up the offensive phase leak and getting some traction there then the defensive phase of the game springs a leak. Put your finger to stop up that leak then the special teams starts to leak (which killed us on Sunday with the blocked punt & will someone tell me ‘what the Folk’ that onside kick was ?!) During his tenure in New York obviously the defense has been the most dependable but talking as a complete team unit most of the guys may like him but they don’t show up competitively consistently & cohesively for him week in & week out & never have…. And that’s not even including his inability to develop or make tough decisions about QBs… That all said I don’t know what coaching candidate except maybe Gruden would be a step up from him… It’s makes me as a fan tend to want to hold onto what we have now & hope it improves versus risking making it worse but that’s a recipe for mediocracy not being willing to risk a change… It’s never easy with the Jets no matter how you look at it…

    That all said its been an interesting season & being in the playoff conversation this long has made it fun. We went from overachieving at 5-4 to imploding loosing 6 out of our last 7 & falling to 6-10. Pretty pathetic, disappointing & anti-climatic. I’d be surprised if we made it to 500 now. The rest of this season is a footnote, but If Miami is still in it knocking them out of the playoffs will be the only thing to root for now….. Go Jets!!!

  11. Idzik needs to draft a few playmakers like a Evans or Watkins maybe a Kadeem Carey hell anything is better then what’s on the field now and if they don’t make any progress move on,it’s unfair to judge Sexy on this high school offense he’s had the entire time he’s been in NY let’s face it the best player in his time was Braylon ugh…thanks Mike T!

  12. It’s definitely going to be an interesting Black Monday this year. A lot of guys are on the bubble. Given that Rex has been with the Jets for 5 years, you wouldn’t think these last two meaningless games would determine his fate. I’m going to go with he gets fired. He’s been there for 5 years, and I don’t think there really is anything Rex has to hang his hat on. The first two seasons were a nice surprise, but they have been pretty brutal the last three years and I don’t see the arrow going up.

  13. Rex is the right guy for the Jests, Jerrah is the right guy for da’gurls and Schwartz is the right guy to discipline those lions. Robbie isn’t too bad down in saints country either. you ever notice how when the saints defense is doing good, robbie is prancing up and down the sidelines but when they’re getting smoked, rob-boy just stands there and hides behind his play calling sheet.

  14. I’m a Patriots fan, and I’m wired to hate the Jets and Rex… but I think he’s done a very solid job this season. Most expected the Jets to be a 3-13 squad, at best.

    He’ll probably be fired, and I’m not saying that’s the wrong move, but if he can latch on to a team that already has an established quarterback, I believe he can still be a great head coach.

  15. Remember that this team began the season ranked #32 in the ESPN power rankings.

    Despite that, Rex had them in playoff contention into week 15. Not bad.

    Also, small secret: the Jets will have about $50M in cap space next season. They’re going to be one of the better teams in the league very quickly.

  16. Rex has the same problem his father had; a huge ego and an even bigger mouth.

    When you start bragging about what you’re going to do instead of concentrating on getting it done, you most often fail. Buddy Ryan never learned that, and Rex is following in his dad’s footsteps.

  17. It would be a BIG mistake to fire Rex. If they do, the Jets will regress and once again fall into the abyss for another decade or two.

    All the Jets need is some talent to catch the ball. A few good wide receivers and a decent tight end and rid themselves of that cancer named Santonio Holmes.

  18. Not a Jet fan but he drafted pretty well defensively the last few years and no one had these guys winning more then 3 games. If you draft one stud every year you are doing better then most.

  19. I remember reading an article about how the most bombastic coaches (Buddy Ryan, Jerry Glanville, etc) never amount to much in the NFL.

    I don’t know if the problem is player personnel or the coaching for the Jets, I just know that he consistently makes an ass out of himself and by default, his organization.

  20. golfsox78 says:

    Any possible chance he becomes defensive coordinator of the Patriots? As soon as Romeo left the Pats defense has been awful.

    I doubt it. Can you imagine the close mouthed Pats letting the biggest mouth in the league into a position where he can talk constantly about inside team information ? He would constantly spew out exactly the kind of things Belichick never lets the other coaches or players talk about.

  21. He did lead the jet’s to the AFC title game twice, with a subpar QB.

    The issue is not that Rex, is a bad coach, but a bad talent evaluator. If he just had a average QB, the Jet’s would make the playoffs.

  22. Rex Ryan is the Dwight Howard of coaches… always talking about “what I’m going to do and capable of”.
    Do you know what you end up with, with those people?
    Justifiable mediocrity and you never really win a thing.

  23. You hear that? It’s the sound of the Bills & Browns welcoming another franchise to the perennial basement. Of course, the Jets have been there before, but the last time they were there was the 90s when the Bills were on top of the league and the Browns were not a team. So needless to say its been a while since theyve all been together!

  24. i read a post up there that says , rex to detroit…

    that actually is very possible. schwartz is done. they have a qb (kind of), and a team full of mega talent…yeah. that would make sense.

  25. People are talking about how Rex’s first two years were good, and oddly enough, that coincides with the last time the Jets had a roster with actual NFL talent on it. It’s almost as if a Coach can only do so much with a terrible group of players.

  26. That’s very true.

    It’s also true that Geno Smith should be handling garbage bags instead of footballs, so I’m not sure that the coach is really going to matter.

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