Case Keenum out this week, Matt Schaub is back for Texans


‘Tis the season to air out your backup quarterbacks for games that don’t mean anything to you.

Texans interim coach Wade Phillips told reporters that Case Keenum would be out this week because of a torn ligament in the thumb of his throwing hand, and that whipping boy/ostensible reason Gary Kubiak was fired Matt Schaub would get the start against the Broncos.

While Phillips knows that’s not going to be a popular move with a fan base that’s watched 12 straight losses, but he also doesn’t have much of a choice. He said, via Tania Ganguli of that “I know our real fans” will cheer Schaub, who has had a rough year “like all of us.”

If nothing else, it will be a nice going-away party for Schaub, who is expected to be released this offseason as the Texans clean house. The Texans finish on the road at the Titans next week.

11 responses to “Case Keenum out this week, Matt Schaub is back for Texans

  1. Hope he cleans up the last two games and creates a stir about his future and that for Wade…….Have to love it.

  2. Maybe Keenum would look better if the coaches had the sense to run an offense that plays to his strengths instead of using the same pocket-passing short-pass game they used with Schaub.

    Keenum never had a chance with this dysfunctional staff.

  3. Matt Schaub won the only two games you guys won this year…did yall forget he only loss four games and Keenum has yet to win a NFL game with eight starts!!!

  4. We’re gonna start schaub the last 2 weeks in order to draft clowney. This will attract lovie Smith. The owner is calling all the shots at this point to set up next year

  5. That’s too bad for Keenum. Schaub’s problem is his inconsistency. You never know which guy is going to show up from one game to the other or even one half to the other. When he’s on his game, he’s one of the best. But when he’s not, he’s one of the worst.

  6. Wonder whatever happened to TJ Yates, and why he became person non-grata there for the Texans. As I remember it, he had a pretty good run a couple years back when Schaub was down. If anything, they should give him the start to display some skills if the Texans don’t plan to keep him.

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