PFT Live: Once again, Lions all bark, no bite

Sitting at 7-7 in the NFC North and no longer in control of their own playoff destiny, the Lions are in must-win mode as Jim Schwartz potentially embarks on the final games of his tenure in Detroit. Dave Birkett from the Detroit Free Press joins Mike Florio to discuss the recent plight of this squad and analyses where the future of this franchise is heading.

1 responses to “PFT Live: Once again, Lions all bark, no bite

  1. I wish the Lions had some bark, they play a lousy game or manage to screw the game up somehow yet in the post game interviews they are so mellow and calm about things. It would be nice to see them get pissed off and show it. It is extremely difficult listening to the coach constantly have a monotone voice, show some emotion and at least let the fans know ya give a hoot. When someone gets called for a stupid penalty bench ’em!

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