Santonio Holmes says he’d take another pay cut to stay with Jets

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Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes gave up $3.5 million in non-guaranteed salary before the start of this season to avoid getting cut by the Jets and he said Wednesday that he’d be open to another pay cut to stick around for another season.

Holmes said that he would do “anything for the team” and that it would “probably not” matter how much of a cut the Jets asked him to swallow because he believes big money follows strong production. There hasn’t been much production this season as Holmes has just 18 catches in nine games this season while missing five games with a hamstring injury. Holmes doesn’t think the injury should be the reason for the pay cut, but reiterated he’s ready to do what the team wants.

“I mean I wouldn’t agree with it, because you can’t do anything about injuries that occur, first time I’ve been injured in my career, but like I said for the team, sacrifices are to be made,” Holmes said, via the New York Daily News.

Holmes has been injured before, he missed most of last season with a Lisfranc injury, but that’s pretty much beside the point. Holmes is set to make $9.25 million next year and his current tune of being all about the team has not been one he’s sung in the past while bashing teammates and other members of the organization. That means the Jets can save themselves both headaches and cap space, two reasons to think that the team will pass on Holmes’ offer while letting him ply his trade elsewhere next year.

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  1. I don’t think this cat really cares about playing anymore. I think he just likes living in New York City, and the buzz he gets being a pro athlete, regardless of how much money he’s making.

  2. When the Steelers get rid of a receiver, there’s always a good reason, and he’s no different. The only one they may regret letting go of is Nate Washington who is both still useful and not a problem child that I know of.

    Guys like Holmes do NOT help young QBs develop because they are more interested in themselves. No Santonio injuries like yours are not your fault, but you have a job that pays you your full salary not to work even though you’ve been mediocre as a Jet. Count your blessings because not many other professions have that provision.

  3. I would argue that the easiest fix for the Jets this offseason is releasing the three-headed hydra of Santonio Holmes, Antonio Cromartie and Mark Sanchez.

    You can’t start over as an organization while these three clowns are held over into next season. The new GM will make sure of that, especially since the cap hits will be negligible at best.

  4. Maybe he knows he is going to be cut and is hoping to change his image for any potential prospective teams. I do find it interesting that he is getting slammed for saying basically he was willing to do what is right for his team………

  5. I’d sign for the vet minimal to play on a team that could make the playoffs instead of the jets.

    Washington is still productive but if I remember right he was a all about me player in his youth. Wallace is missed too but not for the money he got.

  6. i assume holmes and sanchez going away is a given. but cromartie? i don’t think so. had an off year on the field but he’s still a good corner.

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