Champ Bailey says he’s ready to return


The regular season is winding down for most players, but it never really got going for Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey.

Bailey has played just three games this season because of a foot injury, returning twice only to aggravate the injury and return to the bench. Bailey said Thursday that he feels “physically, mentally, emotionally” ready to see if the third time’s the charm.

“I feel good about what I can do,” Bailey said, via the team’s website. “I think now it’s just being smart about how I go about doing it and making sure I don’t have any setbacks and I don’t wear myself down or anything like that. The good thing is I’m fresh, I’m ready to go. I’ve had some time off and I’m ready to go.”

Bailey said the lack of action this season has left most of his body feeling much fresher than it would normally feel at this point in the season, although that comes with the rather large caveat that none of that matters if he can’t get around on his foot. It sounds like Bailey will get some time in the next two weeks to see if the foot is sound and if he can help Denver’s frequently leaky defense tighten things up in the postseason.

13 responses to “Champ Bailey says he’s ready to return

  1. If and When Denver meets the Seahawks in the Super Bowl, the Seahawks will do to Champ Bailey what they did last year to Brian Urlacher – put him on the road to retirement

  2. I ain’t even mad at Sherman, been a Bronco fan since the 81 and he’s the best CB I’ve seen since Bailey and maybe Woodson.

  3. The Broncos are better without Bailey, he hasn’t been a starting calibur CB in 3 years. Better for him to stay out than get exposed, again, and again.

  4. meatcarroll says: Dec 19, 2013 6:05 PM
    I ain’t even mad at Sherman, been a Bronco fan since the 81 and he’s the best CB I’ve seen since Bailey and maybe Woodson.

    meatcarroll says: Dec 15, 2013 5:09 PM
    I’m a Giants fan and am commenting to say Richard Sherman is Incredible.

    meatcarroll says: Dec 15, 2013 7:43 PM
    Carroll barely has a winning record? He’s like at least a dozen games over .500 with Seattle. Im a 9ers fan but admit Harbaugh inherited most of the studs here. Willis, Staley, Gore, VD, Crabs, Iupati, Boone, Bowman, Lee, etc. It was clear Singletary was holding us back, any average coach could have been 10-6+ with this team.
    So you’re a 49’s fan, Bronco’s fan, and a Seahawks fan?

  5. You Seattle fans need to pipe down. If Denver sees you in the Super Bowl it’s going to be just like the good ol’ days, an old school AFC West beat down. You Seattle fans didn’t forget those did you?

  6. haha por meatcarroll. TIP: 99% of the time when someone goes “I’m a ____fan” and then goes off to talk about someone elses player, they are usually just fan of that team and trying to make it look otherwise.

  7. Champ Bailey is one of the classiest dudes in the NFL. Even being a Bengals fan , would love to see him play this year. I mean that is what all football fans want , right, to see all teams at full strength at the end of the year? Lets face it , the best teams don’t always make it to the playoffs because of injury…..Welcome back Champ!

  8. Bailey has been great… has been.

    Fact is, Bronco’s are not ‘better’ when he’s played.

    Homers don’t what to admit it… but it’s time to retire with dignity.

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