Chargers get extension to sell out Raiders game


Late last month, a visit by the playoff-contending Bengals to San Diego wasn’t enough to allow a local TV broadcast of the game.  With 5,300 tickets unsold, it became the first and only blackout of the season.

With the Chargers even closer to elimination and the Raiders already there, a mere 1,300 non-premium tickets are unsold for Sunday’s game.

The Chargers have secured a 24-hour extension of the deadline for selling the remaining tickets.  Which likely means that the Chargers have secured a commitment to purchase any leftovers at 34 cents on the dollar.

Which makes the sense of urgency created by the extension even less realistic than, well, you know.

20 responses to “Chargers get extension to sell out Raiders game

  1. How ludicrous that teams are in the position of having to spend their own money to have their games on local TV. Seems kind of counter productive. The blackout rule looks stupider and stupider.

  2. Oakland is such a great place. Crap and sewage spilling into their own stadium, the nice billboards advertising to hire cops, and the super classy fans. You guys have it all.

  3. Chargers fan base are an embarrassment to the league. Can’t wait to hear the excuses on how they can’t afford the tickets, how the beer and hot dog prices are too high, how there are so many other things to do, blah blah blah

  4. So they sell 68,700 tickets in a stadium that seats 70,000 + that is still considered not sold out in which is about 8,000 more seats in 90 percent of NFL stadiums. 1/4 of them opted to do the 85% full rule and add tarps and still can’t sell out the game. I think that says more than enough that the Chargers do have fans and attend. So shut your pie hole up. Hows the weather again this time of year in the mid west and east coast…brrrrr.

  5. Been to a Raiders/Chargers game in the past…….you’d have to pay me big $$$ just to go in the parking lot. As I have little/no confidence I won’t witness and/or become a part of criminal activity.

  6. motown81 says: Dec 19, 2013 5:25 PM

    Oakland is such a great place. Crap and sewage spilling into their own stadium, the nice billboards advertising to hire cops, and the super classy fans. You guys have it all.
    Thank you. It’s nice to be noticed.

  7. I Bleed Silver N Black! I think its a shame that the NFL doesn’t offer those seats to our Armed forces and their kids. Firefighters Police Teachers etc!! For FREE Having been to many NFL games it costs as much as my mortgage! Just for ONE game! So why have tarps over seats that could be filled with fans!!!!@

  8. The Oakland Alameda County Coliseum is the place with most history left in it, in the entire NFL. It is the Wrigley or Fenway of the NFL and all you herd of sheep can say is that you want wifi and a neato bar.

    Grow up and realize you are being sold a bill of goods. We will eventually replace what we have, but as someone who grew up,going to A’s games, Raider games and the most intense concerts of all time (Day on The Greens) there, to listen to bunch of mouth breathing 20 somethings rail on a place they have never been because the media is framing and selling stupid super stadiums to you as some sort of panacea—-is uber annoying.

    So while I’m aware it’s in SD, some of you are always ranting on The House Of Thrills—I’m defending it because I like it a lot, and the corner end zone second deck seats out rock anything your stupid i-stadiums have.


  9. xgarcia22…

    Before you (and others) knock the fan base, why don’t you step into our reality. Median home price is $430K; average home price is $680K. Season tix are about 10th highest in the league, which doesn’t include cost of parking, etc. Cost of living in sunny SD is something you can’t even fathom. A lot of people need to balance their options between paying the mortgage, buying food for the family, etc., vs. dipping into savings or credit to watch a team that we love. Could you swing that year-to-year, week-to-week? Unless you’re a millionaire or have your priorities way out of wack, I’m guessing you couldn’t.

    Don’t equate fan attendance with passion for the team.

    And yes, I’m a season ticket holder since the Chargers first came to town, so I do my part, with a struggle.

    And Florio, we get it. You hate the Chargers (among others). Feel free to be less obvious. Thank goodness you allow other writers to post on here occasionally to get a positive spin here and there. Balanced reporting is always welcome.

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