No word on Rodgers, but Jolly has “significant” injury


Packers coach Mike McCarthy brought no closure to the Aaron Rodgers watch Thursday, but did shine some light on another injury absence.

McCarthy said that defensive tackle Johnny Jolly sustained a “significant” injury, and was ruled out for Sunday’s game. Jolly was listed on the injury report as having a shoulder/neck injury, after leaving last week’s win over the Cowboys in the first half.

Jolly has been a solid player for the Packers this year, making an impressive comeback from three seasons away from the game which included suspensions and jail time for a drug conviction.

As for Rodgers, he was again limited in practice Thursday. McCarthy said he looked good during the work he took part in, and would make an announcement on his status tomorrow.

Matt Flynn continued to take most of the reps in practice, and would start again unless Rodgers gets good news, fast.

18 responses to “No word on Rodgers, but Jolly has “significant” injury

  1. Lots of Packers stories here lately.

    All football fans are anxious to hear the latest news coming out of Titletown, because the Packers truly are America’s Team.

  2. Ouch! Tough to take. He’s THE run stopper on the that already weakened front line. This will definitely make the task at hand less “easy”, trying to stop Le’Veon Bell.

  3. Hope for Rogers!

    McCarthy said:

    “Aaron Rodgers practiced well today. We’ll have a conversation tomorrow. He’s still not medically cleared. He looked very good at practice. We’ll make sure we get Matt (Flynn) ready to play. Matt took the majority of the snaps. I’ll have an announcement tomorrow.”

  4. Ted Thompson’s incompetence has been covered up by Aaron Rodgers for a while now and it’s really shown how terrible a team the Packers have around them.

    Other than the Quarterback & Wide Receiver position they have virtually no talent elsewhere on the roster.

    Even if they somehow make the playoffs, they will be an automatic one & done scenario. Their defense couldn’t stop Hellen Keller carrying a football.

  5. I guess there just wasn’t enough time to gather all of the kings horses and all of the kings men to put Aaron Rodgers back together again.

  6. I think it’s great the way the top NFC North teams are all valiantly battling to the final weeks of the season for a glorious playoff berth. The Lions, Bears and Packers are each a credit to the proud history of the Black and Blue Division. and to the NFL community.

    And then there are the Vikings.

  7. I don’t know whether it’s sad or hilarious that fans of a 4 win team look down on narrow victories.
    But I’m going with hilarious.

  8. Rodgers/Clay/Cobb/Brad/Francois/Lattimore/Seneca/Finley/Dujuan/Franklin/Lacy/Kuhn/Bulaga/J.Jones/Perry/Jolly/Burnett/Casey/Worthy/Richardson/Sherrod/Shields/Barclay/EDS have all missed several games this year… Some only missed a month, some were on Pup list, most are currently on IR.

    But yeah, what a garbage team Ted assembled… I think it’s funny that it took a massive injury bug to plague this young team this year for it to be “exposed”.

    and the Packers are still in a position to win the friggin’ division.

  9. If the packers are terrible, what does that make the Vikings? A team that could only tie the packers with their 4th string quarterback?! Pathetic, truely pathetic. With the greatest QB in the game today, the packers destroyed the Vikings in their own house. The packers even spotted them 7 points with the kickoff return.

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