Wes Welker will miss Sunday’s game

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The Broncos will go at least another week without wide receiver Wes Welker.

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reports that Welker will miss Sunday’s game at Houston. It will be the second consecutive game Welker has missed after suffering a concussion on December 8.

Denver’s offense missed Welker in last week’s loss to the Chargers, but the Broncos are wise to take it slowly with Welker’s recovery. The best course of action would seem to be to hold him out both this week and next, and hope to win both games without him. That would allow Welker to continue to recover through the wild card round of the playoffs, and he could then return for the divisional round on a month’s rest.

Welker, who has suffered two concussions this season, has 73 catches for 778 yards and 10 touchdowns.

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  1. 3 years ago, he wouldn’t have missed more than a couple of plays….. it’s amazing how fast the NFL turned around on this issue.

  2. .

    Welker has 73 catches for 778 yards in 14 games. Julian Edelman, who has replaced Welker in the slot, has 89 catches for 914 yards in 16 games.

    At this point the Patriots are getting essentially the same production at a fraction of the price.


  3. It’s odd how the Broncos were unable to adjust to Weller’s loss last week. No one else could fill the slot effectively. Welker for MVP?

  4. Take care of your health.

    It would be no fun to be retired, a millionaire, in one’s late 30’s and have bad headaches each day, have to avoid the sunlight, begin to forget their kids names in their 40’s and many other worse things.

    You’ve ALREADY got your money. Now you NEED to KEEP your health.

    You’ve already entertained us for many yrs.

    Don’t rush back and if your bell gets rung again, take even more time away.

  5. “Hey as long as he’s healthy for that Pro-Bowl thing, right?”

    Not that he’s been one of the top receivers this year or anything, but his name is Wes Welker and now he has Peyton Manning throwing to him. If that doesn’t make him a shoe-in on the backs of casual fans who care more about fantasy football than real football, then I don’t know what will.

  6. The contact that caused Welker his latest brain injury didn’t look like much of a hit. The Broncos are getting soft at precisely the wrong time of year to do so. I’m taking the money line on Houston.

  7. 6ball, you conveniently left out the fact welker has 10 receiving Tds to Edelman’s 6 receiving Tds. Welker has played one less game too I believe.

  8. It doesn’t matter if Welker is available for the post-season or not because Manning will clutch as usual in a big game and then each of the Broncos can pop a lager and watch the rest of the playoffs and SuperBowl in their man caves.

  9. That’a Peyton Manning, the concussion maker. Leaves his receivers out to dry with his noodle arm over the middle. He did it to Collie, and the kid from Ohio State whose name escapes me. At least Brady through the ball where the receivers could protect themselves.

  10. Lest anyone forgets…Welker suffered the first concussion against KC and they put him back in even AFTER he upchucked on the field…they didn’t care enough then…oh right…an IMPORTANT divisional game…hmmm…

  11. He had at least one in New England, in 2008 vs. Pittsburgh. Brutal hit over the middle. Didn’t miss a game.

  12. In the Edelman v Welker conversation, while Welker has 10 TD’s, one must look at how much the Broncos are throwing it, where those passes are thrown from (lots of shorties), and the fact that Denver has outside threats to open up the field whereas the Pats have struggled with rookies and injuries. I like Welker, but Edelman does appear to be able to replace a lot of his production and he does have a more explosive athletic step to his game. Welker has a reputation for being a a bit of better route runner and he was certainly in a vulcan mind meld with Brady most of the time, but 8mil is 8 mil in regard to the salary cap and that’s what they were offering him. In the end, he settled for 6 mil with Denver, the Pats signed Amendola (a more flexible player) for 5 years at about 6.2mil per year, and the Pats saved some money under their cap. Both teams benefited. Welker lost some money, but in all honesty I think he may have miscalculated. There may have been a sense of entitlement for past production, and he deserved to be paid, but a longer term contract at that 8-10 mil rate is a bit stiff for a single slot receiver considering the salary cap. I feel like the Pats had to go in a different direction anyway. The last couple of years it seems good defenses could take Welker out of the game. The Patriots needed to re-invent themselves. It’s been a tough road, and nobody can predict what happened to their tight ends, but I think they will be better off in the end.

    Welker may also be skipping this game because of the field surface. This is where his knee gave out in 2010 just before the playoffs.

  13. 6ball said:

    “Welker has 73 catches for 778 yards in 14 games. Julian Edelman, who has replaced Welker in the slot, has 89 catches for 914 yards in 16 games.

    At this point the Patriots are getting essentially the same production at a fraction of the price.”

    Unfortunately Edelman is not what they paid for to replace Welker. They paid Amendola 28.5 million over 5 years with (10 million up front) to replace Welker. Amendola’s numbers are 51 catches for 579 yards and 8 less touchdowns than Welker.

    Edelman has been great. And the Patriots win on many deals, but they lost on this one.

  14. IMO if the NFL is serious about head injuries they will do the following. 1. A player can only have X amount concussions per season (lets say 3). 2. A player can only have X amount of concussions total before they are forced into retirement.

  15. I’m surprised they aren’t deactivating him for the rest of the season to recover and have him ready for next season.

    Sorry, I forgot. Shanahan doesn’t coach there anymore.

  16. I heard the offer from the Patriots to Welker was more like $5 million per year plus incentives that could have boosted him to $8 million a year. Welker elected to take a guaranteed $6 million a year with no incentives. Not to mention that he told the media that he thought the Broncos and Manning gave him a better chance to make it back to the Super Bowl. Maybe he planned on catching more balls than he did the last time he went there in 11′.

  17. I have become even more of fan of his since he came to Denver. The guy looks like a sports car running routes and he has made up for his few drops by flat out laying out and bringing in some difficult ones. The Broncos flat-out missed him last week and anybody thinking Tamme, or Bubba Caldwell was going to make up for him missing was……just plain missing! Wish him a speedy recovery and happy he is a part of the crew because with that D, we need him.

  18. I am pretty sure the “sportsman” of the year doesn’t need him.
    If he throws one of his wounded duck throws high enough he could run and catch it himself then bowl everyone over with his big head!!
    My hero!! Notttttt

  19. Did a lot of research on concussions after my daughter had one (falling off a horse). They are a lot more serious than people used to think.
    Any concussion should be mandatory month off. Getting a 2nd concussion in the same season should be it for the season, and the player should have some serious medical eval before they even consider returning to play football. Concussions should not be considered routine like a sprained knee.
    How many more ex-players have to come out with brain trauma before the NFL gets serious? The rules need to be in the players’ interests and consistently enforced. Permanently damaging these young men’s brains so fans can have entertainment on Sunday is flat wrong.

  20. Sad thing is in 10 years he will sue the NFL even though he puts himself at risk by his own choice. He is like Aikman was when if the wind blew too hard he got a concussion.

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