Antonio Brown chases some franchise records


The Steelers collectively aren’t playing for much right now.  Individually, the final two games provide some extra incentive.

For quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, ample motivation comes from the fact that he never has been part of a losing team at the high school, college, or pro level.  A pair of victories to end the season will give Roethlisberger a second consecutive 8-8 finish.

For receiver Antonio Brown, the fourth-year receiver can set a pair of franchise records.  As explained recently by Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (and as mentioned in our one-liners), Brown needs only 92 receiving yards to surpass Yancey Thigpen’s mark of 1,398, set 16 years ago.  With 95 receptions, Brown needs only 17 to catch Hines Ward’s high-water mark of 112.

Brown said Ward has encouraged the youngster to aim for Ward’s record.

“He was encouraging to let me know how close I am, let me know how many catches I need, always reminding me you have to have a goal,” Brown said.  “Having a goal in this game when you play this game will always encourage you to be better.  That’s what it’s about in the NFL.

“I think deep down he probably doesn’t want me to break it, but he’s always encouraging me to break it.  We had a lot of great experiences together, and I’m sure he’s excited for me.”

Brown, who was named the team’s MVP in 2011, is having the best year of his career.  And it’s clear that, with Mike Wallace gone and Emmanuel Sanders likely not far behind, Brown has become the successor to Ward as the long-term, go-to receiver for the Steelers.

10 responses to “Antonio Brown chases some franchise records

  1. Jacoby Jones > Antonio Brown

    Being a team record holder for the Steelers is like being the richest guy in the welfare line.


  2. Jacoby Jones’ route tree is a sapling, and both guys are dynamite return men.

    Brown is getting bracket coverage all game every game and Jones is one on one with Torrey Smith on the other side.

    If this was dancing, Jones would win… but this is a man’s game.

    – Not a Steeler fan.

  3. Antonio Brown > any ratbirds receiver…

    Remember when crow fans were squaking that we signed the wrong receiver as wallace left town. Not so much…

    It’s been a down couple of years due to age and an unbelievable string of injuries. The roster is turning over and the Steelers will soon be where they belong at the top of the NFL mountain.

    Seven will be heaven and then Straight to Eight!


  4. How are the Steelers not collectively playing for much if that aren’t mathematically eliminated from the playoffs? I understand it is a long shot, but they are still playing for something.

  5. Unlikely scenario, jets win 2, dolphins drop 2, chargers drop 1, ravens drop 2. Jets would come out if the east with a better record, steelers own tiebreaker due to head to head win. Steelers would own the tiebreaker over the ravens due to a better division record, would own a tiebreaker over chargers due to conference record.

  6. actually favrewillplay4ever the steelers are still in the playoff hunt and have not been officially elminated so yes the team still has something to play for. And yes Brown is definately having a good season.

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