Champ Bailey hopes he’s ready to finish season strong


Champ Bailey has tried coming back from his preseason foot injury twice before.

This time, the Broncos cornerback hopes to get through a game.

Bailey’s expected to play Sunday against the Texans, hoping to shore up a secondary that will be without Kayvon Webster.

I feel good about what I can do,” Bailey said, via Lindsay Jones of USA Today. “I think now it’s just being smart about how I go about doing it, and making sure I don’t have any setbacks, and I don’t wear myself down or anything like that. The good thing is I’m fresh, and I’m ready to go.”

He ought to be fresh, having played eight quarters. The 35-year-old Bailey said he’s hoping to work his way back now, so he can make up for a rough playoff performance last year.

“Just make sure I’m ready — physically, mentally, emotionally, everything,” Bailey said. “It’s just not a physical game, but the mental part is a big part of it. I just have to make sure I’m completely ready.”

The Broncos might not need it to close out the regular season against weak competition with a playoff berth secured, but they need him ready for the games against better competition that’s coming soon.

16 responses to “Champ Bailey hopes he’s ready to finish season strong

  1. Nice picture choice.

    My thoughts exactly.

    Well…. not exactly…. in my mind it is Tyler Eifert standing over him in the snow.

  2. In Denver, it’s Super Bowl or bust. The reality is this team’s success will be determined by what they do in the postseason. While he’ll never be the caliber of player he was, Champ can definitely help this secondary if he can use the next couple of games to shake off the rust.

  3. me too…not holding my breathe though. Too busy praying DRC stays healthy instead of injuring himself diving for worthless hail mary’s at the end of the half

  4. Long suffering Raiders fan but Champ Bailey is a true pro, nothing for respect for that beast when he finally decides to hang up the cleats.

  5. Broncos coaches would have probably IRd Baily but for his whining and fans outcry. This guy has nothing left in the tank and is a liability on the field.

  6. I wish he would play Safety in some packages. He needs to play like a leader at some point in these next 5 games. Live up to the C on his uniform.

  7. He’s a has been at this point last time I seen him play he was getting beat regularity by the receivers but in his prime a great cornerback

  8. Good Lord don’t we hear this about every week on how he hopes he is ready to play and then on the rare occasion when actually does start a game he lasts about a half of the first quarter and he’s done. Champ at one time you were one of the best Corners in the NFL but that time isn’t now just retire already.

  9. Elway should know what Bailey is experiencing, because at his retirement speech he said it best. In his mind, he wanted to continue (mentally), but his body failed him (physically), at age 35 it takes much longer to heal. Having said that, Champ you were once great, HOF worthy, but continuing is going to tarnish your legacy. Please walk away with dignity, because choosing to play, ur just selfishly hurting the team, even if u don’t mean to… Best Wishes Champ….

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