Johnny Jolly’s neck injury is season-ending

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Packers coach Mike McCarthy said yesterday that defensive tackle Johnny Jolly’s neck injury was “significant,” and it’s significant enough to end his season.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Jolly will miss the rest of the season because of a bulging disc in his neck (the C-5 vertebrae, to be specific). The team’s medical staff is waiting for the swelling to go down before deciding whether he needs surgery.

The injury isn’t believed to be career-threatening even if he needs fusion surgery. But he’s also 30 years old and a rotational lineman, so any medical setback will impact his chances of finding work.

“It hurts that he’s not being able to play, but he’ll bounce back,” end Ryan Pickett said. “We believe he’ll bounce back. If anyone can fight through anything, it’s Jolly. His spirits are good.

“He’s been a leader out there. He’s been playing great. He’s been a whole lot. We’re going to miss him out there for sure.”

Jolly’s comeback after three years out of the league because of drug suspensions, arrests and jail time was an impressive one, so the latest problem seems minor by comparison.

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  1. Being a fan of the Bears, and having a player with a checkered past on the team that I cheer for, I appreciate the transformation Jolly has completed to get back in the game and become an asset to his team.

    Best of luck to him in his recovery-his story is good for the game.

  2. Good luck to JJ. He is a good story and I honestly believe he is not to blame for being out of the league. Some people just get hooked. Happens.


    Pfitzer, Eli Lilly et all should be arrested not the common man…

    I HATE those pharmaceutical companies…

  3. Here are a couple predictions that I recall from vike posters.
    1. So far every week the Packers would lose.
    2. With 3 first rounders Spielman is a genius and the Vikings would run away with the division.
    3. Jennings would dominate.
    4. Ponder would lead them to the promised land now that they have receivers.

    This is just a small sampling.

  4. For the sake of the man I hope he doesn’t get any pain medication and can recover naturally, cause thats the last thing you want to give a former addict is vicodin or whatever.

  5. Of course they will bring him back, he’s cheap. The only reason he got to play, he came very cheap. Just the kind of players TT is looking for cheap. Hey need more 5,6,7th round picks Ted, just trade away a two and a three and maybe your one pick also and load the heck up on another variety of those developmental players you love. Ya know, the ones with no talent, not much skill, speed or size. The guys 31 other teams passed on at least 5 times.

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