Colts pull away for 23-7 win at Kansas City


Overcoming a slow start and getting a big game from their defense, the visiting Colts defeated Kansas City 23-7 on Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium.

The loss eliminated the Chiefs (11-4) from title contention in the AFC West. Kansas City is now assured of being on the road in the wild-card round in the first weekend in January. It’s possible the Colts, who are the AFC South champion, could host the Chiefs in Round One of the postseason.

Tailback Donald Brown scored on a rush of 51 yards and a reception of 33 yards for the Colts (10-5), who fell behind 7-0 in the first quarter but then got it together. Colts quarterback Andrew Luck completed 26-of-37 passes for 241 yards and a touchdown in a fine performance against a good Kansas City defense.

Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith, meanwhile, committed three turnovers, throwing two picks and losing a fumble. Rookie tailback Knile Davis also lost a fumble, which set up Brown’s TD reception.

Chiefs tailback Jamaal Charles rushed for 106 yards on just 13 carries, and his 31-yard score off right end in the first quarter started the game on a positive note for Kansas City. Then, the Colts, in perhaps their best game since October considering the competition, stepped up their play.

19 responses to “Colts pull away for 23-7 win at Kansas City

  1. A lot of KC fans came into Colts blogs this week and guaranteed a blowout win for the Chiefs. First of all, any knowledgeable NFL fan would never predict a blowout for their team. I tried to tell them that their “number 4 scoring defense” was not that good and they blindly argued that it was dominant……

    When fans promise a convincing win before the game and the exact opposite occurs, it just makes it so much sweeter for the underdog. Thank you Chiefs fans for making this dominant win so satisfying. Merry Christmas.

  2. Uhm, cough, cough, we need to put players in a better position, cough, cough.
    Heard that for 14 years

  3. KC is now 2-4 in their last6 games. Too bad their dream of a season is turning into reality. More bad news for the chiefs. It turns out that they will have to play a good team in the playoffs. No more second and third string QB’s.

  4. Listen up, Saying this all year:
    Chiefs should be a 5+ power ranking no matter record, Chiefs have not played anyone, the team is extremely over rated. Chiefs are a total fraud!

  5. I love how Philly fans have to trash the best coach that they ever had. Just like how they bash the best qb they ever had (mcnabb). eagle fans just don’t have a clue…

  6. As a chiefs fan that was easly they worst game they played all year. So, leave it at that and move on and get ready to play the colts in the playoffs!!!

  7. Great win for my Colts. Funny how all of the good teams that we played this year we dominated, but with mediocre teams we struggle and lose. I hope we can get this all fixed up for the season finale next week and off to the playoffs with a 3 game win streak and everything going for us. Plus we need to give Cleveland a low 1st round draft pick. Preferably the last pick in the 1st round.

  8. Both of these very average teams will be eliminated early in the playoffs.

    Please define “early”. They play each other in the 1st round so both teams won’t be eliminated “early”.

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