Cowboys disagree on Romo’s injury


The Cowboys’ thrilling win over the Redskins didn’t come without cost.  Quarterback Tony Romo is injured.

But it’s not currently clear what the injury is.

In a contradiction that epitomizes the current state of the franchise, Ed Werder of ESPN says that owner/G.M. Jerry Jones claims that Romo has a back injury, while coach Jason Garrett says Romo has a foot injury.

Romo appeared to injure himself while spinning away from pressure in the second half.  Whatever the injury, he stayed in the game and delivered a win.

The real question is whether Romo and the Cowboys can delivered a win next week over the Eagles, in the Third Annual NFC East Championship game.

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  1. I feel bad for Cowboys fans. No fan should not have to deal with constant drama brought on by their team’s owner/general manager. Uff-dah.

  2. Q: The real question is whether Romo and the Cowboys can delivered a win next week over the Eagles, in the Third Annual NFC East Championship game.

    A: Nope.

  3. Cowboys fans say; at least out defense isn’t as bad as the skins

    Redskins fans say; that’s not saying much

  4. Incredible, the hate and envy Dallas receives even after a win. However when you are looking for Lombardi Trophies, it is easy to see where the envy comes from. America’s team won again today like it or not. If not, learn to swallow quietly! Go Cowboys! Jerry Jones bla bla bla.. Hehe

  5. Ed Werder is only relevant when he gets an “un-named” Cowboy insider. The Schefter’s, Mort’s and Glazer’s have rendered him useless. He’s done this before and he’s been wrong more than right.

    He can only gets airtime when he’s “broken” a Cowboy story…here is how I imagine it went. Some assistant caught in the parking lot by Werder says if we don’t win every coach should be worried…turns into “sources says all Cowboys coaches are worried they be fired”!

    Try asking 32 locker rooms if they expect to win next week…would it be breaking news that “all 32 teams guaranty a win next week”. This is lazy Florio but frankly as a sucker that stops by from time to time, I’m not surprised in the least.

  6. As bad as we have been at times we’re the only NFC East team to play for that championship every one of those years. We’ve lost two of them but at least we were in it till the end.

  7. Well it must be a back injury Jones owns the team. It can be what ever he wants it to be….Proof of this is when he has his head up his a__ he calls it being a good GM

  8. @ 7mantel,

    “Dallas was never voted America’s Team ,some dumb reporter back in the late 60′s called them that and the Cowboys ran with it !”

    First of all, it was in 1979, and it came from an NFL films production from Bob Ryan. They were named this by Ryan because every road game the Cowboys had, the # of Cowboy fans rivaled that of the home team.

    At least know what you are talking about if you are going to hate. It was an NFL film by NFL employees that gave them that nickname. At least the Cowboys aren’t throwing snow balls and booing Santa, or get called the “dream team” and end up going 4-12.

  9. The Eagles will murder the Cowboys defense!! LOL!! These people did not have a chance with horrible Romo!! LOL!! My goodness cowboy fans better turn off that tv if the want to keep it. Cause if not there will be so many broken tv screens during and after this game it will be pathetic!! It’s going to get ugly and ugly early!! That team needs cleaning from Gm to water Boys LOL!!! It will be 2030 when dallas probably be relevant again. Romo has until 2021 So that takes them at least to 2023 to even have a legit shot at anything. It is a horrible time for the Cowboy fans but you all will dread year after year its going to get uglier and uglier before it gets better thats for sure!! Jerry Jones has ruin that team !!! Romo just can’t win it. He sucks during this time. But I do have a good point here. Kyle Orton will be your best shot at anything of making it cause Romo is Not Called Thromo Choko For no reason LOL!! He can’t win the big game ever!!

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